Table of contents for Modern cosmology in retrospect / edited by B. Bertotti ... [et al.].

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Part I. The General Framework: 1. Cosmology, a peculiar science B. Bertoti
2. The early years J. D. North
Part II. Riddles of and Clues to Cosmology: 3. Olbers' paradox in recent times E. Harrison
4. The part played by Mach's Principle in the genesis of relativistic cosmology J. B. Barbour
5. The mysterious lore of large numbers J. D. Barrow
Part III. Geometrical and Physical Cosmology: 6. Innovation, resistance and change: the transition to the expanding universe G. F. R. Ellis
7. Early inhomogeneous cosmological models in Einstein's theory A. Krasinski
8. Early work on 'big-bang' cosmology and the cosmic blackbody radiation R. A. Alpher and R. Herman
9. Deciphering the nuclear ashes of the early universe: a personal perspective R. V. Wagoner
Part IV. The Great Cosmological Debates: 10. The cosmological scene 1945-1952 H. Bondi
11. Personal recollections: some lessons for the future W. McCrea
12. An assessment of the evidence against the steady-state theory F. Hoyle
13. Steady-state cosmology, the arrow of time, and Hoyle and Narlikar's theories J. M. Sanchez-Ron
Part V. Cosmological Observations and Discoveries: 14. The observational approach to cosmology: US observatories pre-World War II D. E. Osterbrock
15. Discovery of the cosmic microwave background R. M. Wilson
16. The entry of radio astronomy into cosmology: radio stars and Martin Ryle's 2C survey W. T. Sullivan, III
17. Radio source counts P. Scheuer
18. Discovery of quasars M. Schmidt
19. History of dark matter in the universe (1922-1974) V. Trimble
Part VI. Dramatis Personae: 20. Carl Wilhelm Wirtz - a pioneer in observational cosmology W. C. Seitter and H. W. Duerbeck
21. Cosmic rays and cosmological speculations in the 1920s: the debate between Jeans and Millikan M. De Maria and A. Russo
22. Sinclair Smith (1899-1938) V. Trimble
23. Revisiting Fritz Zwicky A. Braccesi.

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