Table of contents for Body fluids and kidney function / edited by Robert A. Brace, Mark A. Hanson, Charles H. Rodeck.

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Part I. Physiology: 1. Fetal extracellular fluids and lymphatic function R. A. Brace
2. Fetal swallowing: contributing to fetal and amniotic fluid homeostasis M. G. Ross and M. J. M. Nijland
3. Amniotic fluid volume regulation R. A. Brace and M. G. Ross
4. Developmental and function of the fetal kidney E. Marelyn Wintour, D. Alcorn and M. D. Rockell
5. Changes in renal function at birth E. R. Lumbers, K. J. Gibson and K. M. Stevenson
Part II. Pathophysiology: 6. Renal function in fetal growth retardation IUGR S. N. Sturgiss and S. C. Robson
7. Renal agenesis and congenital urine flow P. D. E. Moriquand and R. Wilcox
Part III. Clinical Applications: 8. Hydrops fetalis C. Rodeck and E. Jauniaux
9. Potential for correction of fetal obstructive uropathy D. L. Gibbs, G. B. Mychaliska, R. A. Filly and M. R. Harrison
10. Correction of polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios P. M. Kyle and N. M. Fisk
11. Management of postnatal disorders of fluid balance N. Mooli

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