Table of contents for A primer of real functions / Ralph P. Boas.

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Part I. Sets: 1. Sets
2. Sets of real numbers
3. Countable and uncountable sets
4. Metric spaces
5. Open and closed sets
6. Dense and nowhere dense sets
7. Compactness
8. Convergence and completeness
9. Nested sets and Baire's problem
10. Some applications of Baire's theorem
11. Sets of measure zero
Part II. Functions: 12. Functions
13. Continuous functions
14. Properties of continuous functions
15. Upper and lower limits
16. Sequences of functions
17. Uniform convergence
18. Pointwise limits of continuous functions
19. Approximations to continuous functions
20. Linear functions
21. Derivatives
22. Monotonic functions
23. Convex functions
24. Infinitely differentiable functions
Part III. Integration: 25. Lebesgue measure
26. Measurable functions
27. Definition of the Lebesgue integral
28. Properties of Lebesgue integrals
29. Applications of the Lebesgue integral
30. Stieltjes integrals
31. Applications of the Stieltjes integral
32. Partial sums of infinite series
Answers to exercises.

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