Table of contents for A course in combinatorics / J.H. van Lint and R.M. Wilson.

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1. Graphs
2. Trees
3. Colourings of graphs and Ramsey's theorem
4. Turán's theorem
5. Systems of distinct representatives
6. Dilworth's theorem and extremal set theory
7. Flows in networks
8. De Bruijn sequences
9. The addressing problem for graphs
10. The principle of inclusion and exclusion: inversion formulae
11. Permanents
12. The van der Waerden conjecture
13. Elementary counting: Stirling numbers
14. Recursions and generated functions
15. Partitions
16. (0,1) matrices
17. Latin squares
18. Hadamard matrices, Reed-Muller codes
19. Designs
20. Codes and designs
21. Strongly regular graphs and partial geometries
22. Orthogonal Latin squares
23. Projective and combinatorial geometries
24. Gaussian numbers and q-analogues
25. Lattices and Möbius inversion
26. Combinatorial designs and projective geometry
27. Difference sets and automorphisms
28. Difference sets and the group ring
29. Codes and symmetric designs
30. Association schemes
31. Algebraic graphs: eigenvalue techniques
32. Graphs: planarity and duality
33. Graphs: colourings and embeddings
34. Trees, electrical networks and squared rectangles
35. Pólya theory of counting
36. Baranyai's theorem

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