Table of contents for Japan : a short cultural history / G. B. Sansom.

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Note on periods in Japanese history
Part I. Early History: 1. The origins
2. Early myths and chronicles
3. The indigenous cult
4. The introduction of Chinese learning
5. Cultural relations with China and the political reform of Taikwa
Part II. Nara: 6. Confucianism and Buddhism
7. Art and letters
8. Law and administration
9. A summary of political events in the Nara period
Part III. The Heian Period: 10. The new capital and the provinces
11. The development of Chinese institutions on Japanese soil
12. Religion and the arts
13. A summary of political events in the Heian period
Part IV. Kamakura: 14. The growth of feudalism
15. The Hojo regents
16. Religion, art and letters
Part V. Muromachi: 17. The Ashikaga Shoguns
18. Religion and the arts
Part VI. Sengoku: 19. The country at war
20. Adzuchi and Momoyama
Part VII. Yedo: 21. The Tokugawa regime
22. Genroku
23. The breakdown of feudalism

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