Table of contents for The Berlin aging study : aging from 70 to 100 / edited by Paul B. Baltes, Karl Ulrich Mayer.

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Part I. Theoretical Orientations and Methods: 1. The Berlin Aging Study: sample, design, and overview of measures Paul Baltes, Karl Ulrich Mayer, Hanfried Helmchen and Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen
2. Sample selectivity and generalizability of the results from the Berlin Aging Study Ulman Lindenberger, Reiner Gilberg, Todd D. Little, Reinhard Nuthmann, Ulrich Potter and Paul Baltes
3. Generational experiences of old people in Berlin Ineke Maas, Markus Borchelt and Karl Ulrich Mayer
4. Six individual biographies from the Berlin Aging Study Yvonne Schutze, Clemens Tesch-Romer and Cornelia Borchers
Part II. Major Results from the Four Research Units: 5. Morbidity, medication, and functional limitations in old age Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen and Markus Borchelt
6. Psychiatric illnesses in old age Hanfried Helmchen, Margret M. Baltes, Bernhard Geiselmann, Siegfried Kanowski, Michael Linden, Friedel M. Reischies, Michael Wagner, Thomas Wernicke and Hans-Ulrich Wilms
7. Trends and profiles of psychological functioning in very old age Jacqui Smith and Paul Baltes
8. Socioeconomic conditions and social inequalities in old age Karl Ulrich Mayer, Ineke Maas and Michael Wagner
Part III. Interdisciplinary Findings: 9. Men and women in the Berlin Aging Study Margret M. Baltes, Alexandra M. Freund and Ann L. Horgas
10. Social relationships in old age Michael Wagner, Yvonne Schutze and Frieder R. Lang
11. Self, personality, and life regulation: facets of psychological resilience in old age Ursula M. Staudinger, Alexandra M. Freund, Michael Linden and Ineke Maas
12. Limits and potentials of intellectual functioning in old age Ulman Lindenberger and Friedel M. Reischies
13. Sensory systems in old age Michael Marsiske, Julia Delius, Ineke Maas, Ulman Lindenberger, Hans Scherer and Clemens Tesch-Romer
14. Everyday competence in old and very old age: theoretical considerations and empirical findings Margret M. Baltes, Ineke Maas, Hans-Ulrich Wilms, Markus Borchelt and Todd D. Little
15. On the significance of morbidity and disability in old age Markus Borchelt, Reiner Gilberg, Ann L. Horgas and Bernhard Geiselmann
16. Utilization of medical and nursing care in old age Michael Linden, Reiner Gilberg, Ann L. Horgas and Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen
17. Sources of well-being in very old age Jacqui Smith, William Fleeson, Bernhard Geiselmann, Richard A. Settersten Jr and Ute Kunzmann
Part IV. Overview and Outlook: 18. What do we know about old age and aging? Conclusions from the Berlin Aging Study Karl U. Mayer, Paul Baltes, Margret M. Baltes, Markus Borchelt, Julia Delius, Hanfried Helmchen, Michael Linden, Jacqui Smith, Ursula M. Staudinger, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen and Michael Wagner.

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