Table of contents for Philosophy of mathematics : selected readings / edited by Paul Benacerraf, Hilary Putnam.

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Preface to the second edition
Part I. The Foundations of Mathematics: 1. The logicist foundations of mathematics Rudolf Carnap
2. The intuitionist foundations of mathematics Arend Heyting
3. The formalist foundations of mathematics Johann von Neumann
4. Disputation Arend Heyting
5. Intuitionism and formalism L. E. J. Brouwer
6. Consciousness, philosophy, and mathematics L. E. J. Brouwer
7. The philosophical basis of intuitionistic logic Michael Dummett
8. The concept of number Gottlob Frege
9. Selections from Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy Bertrand Russell
10. On the infinite David Hilbert
11. Remarks on the definition and nature of mathematics Haskell B. Curry
12. Hilbert's programme Georg Kreisel
Part II. The Existence of Mathematical Objects: 13. Empiricism, semantics, and ontology Rudolf Carnap
14. On Platonism in mathematics Paul Bernays
15. What numbers could not be Paul Benacerraf
16. Mathematics without foundations Hilary Putnam
Part III. Mathematical Truth: 17. The a priori Alfred Jules Ayer
18. Truth by convention W. V. Quine
19. On the nature of mathematical truth Carl G. Hempel
20. On the nature of mathematical reasoning Henri Poincare;
21. Mathematical truth Paul Benacerraf
22. Models and reality Hilary Putnam
Part IV. The Concept of Set: 23. Russell's mathematical logic Kurt Gödel
24. What in Cantor's continuum problem? Kurt Gödel
25. The iterative concept of set George Boolos
26. The concept of set Hao Wang

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