Table of contents for Computability and logic.

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Part I. Computability Theory: 1. Enumerability
2. Diagonalization
3. Turing computability
4. Uncomputability
5. Abacus computability
6. Recursive functions
7. Recursive sets and relations
8. Equivalent definitions of computability
Part II. Basic Metalogic: 9. A precis of first-order logic: syntax
10. A precis of first-order logic: semantics
11. The undecidability of first-order logic
12. Models
13. The existence of models
14. Proofs and completeness
15. Arithmetization
16. Representability of recursive functions
17. Indefinability, undecidability, incompleteness
18. The unprovability of consistency
Further topics: 19. Normal forms
20. The Craig interpolation theorem
21. Monadic and dyadic logic
22. Second-order logic
23. Arithmetical definability
24. Decidability of arithmetic without multiplication
25. Non-standard models
26. Ramsey's theorem
27. Modal logic and provability.

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