Table of contents for An introduction to the New Testament and the origins of Christianity / Delbert Burkett.

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Part I. Historical and Religious Background: 1. Introduction
2. Jews among Greeks and Romans
3. Religion of Second-Temple Judaism
4. Varieties of Second-Temple Judaism
5. Jewish hopes for the future
6. Hellenistic religion, philosophy, and world-view
7.  An overview of Early Christian history
8. The making of the New Testament
Part II. Jesus and the Gospels: 9. Introduction to the Gospels
10. The dynoptic problem
11. The Gospel of Mark
12. The Gospel of Matthew
13. The Gospel of Luke
14. The Gospel of John
15. The apocryphal Jesus
16. The quest for the historical Jesus
Part III. Acts: 17. The Book of Acts
Part IV. Pauline Christianity: 18. Paul, his letters, and his churches
19. Gentiles and the law (1): Galatians
20.  Gentiles and the law (2): Romans
21. Problems of church life: 1 Corinthians
22. Problems of church life: 2 Corinthians
23. The imminent Parousia: 1 and 2 Thessalonians
24. Prison epistles (1): Philippians and Philemon
25. Prison epistles (2): Colossians and Ephesians
Part V. Judaic Christianity: 26. Judaic Christianity
27. The letter of James
28. The Didache
Part VI. Gnostic Christianity: 29. Gnostic Christianity
30. The Gospel of Thomas
Part VII. Proto-Orthodox Christianity: 31. Proto-Orthodox Christianity
32. Conflict within the church (1): 1 Clement
33. Conflict within the church (2): Pastoral Epistles
34. Conflict within the church (3): Jude and 2 Peter
35. Conflict within the church (4): Johannine Epistles
36. Conflict within the church (5): Letters of Ignatius
37. Relation of Christianity to Judaism (1): Hebrews
38. Relation of Christianity to Judaism (2): Epistle of Barnabas
39. Conflict with the Roman World (1): 1 Peter
40.  Conflict with the Roman World (2): Revelation
Appendixes: 1. Lucian on sacrifice
2. The Essenes
3. Jewish Messianic hopes
4. Divine men and their births
5. Apotheoses
6. Miracle stories in the ancient world
7.The infancy Gospel of Thomas
8. The Gospel of Peter
9. The Didache
10: Selections from the Gospel of Thomas
11. Selections from 1 Clement
12. Selections from the epistle of Barnabas
13. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans 1-9
14. Conflict with Rome.

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