Table of contents for Global energy and water cycles / edited by K.A. Browning and R.J. Gurney.

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Part I. The Global Energy and Water Cycles: 1.1 The global energy cycle Richard D. Rosen
1.2 The global water cycle Taikan Oki
2. Global atmospheric models, data assimilation, and applications to the energy and water cycles Eugenia Kalnay, Ming Ji, Arun Kumar, Hua-lu Pan, Suranjana Saha, Glenn White, Milija Zupanski, and David Williamson
Part III. Atmospheric Processes and Their Large-Scale Effects: 3.1 Radiative effects of clouds and water vapour Graeme L. Stephens
3.2 Effects of aerosols on clouds and radiation Peter V. Hobbs
3.3 Vertical transport processes T. Hauf, and S. Brinkop
3.4 Precipitating cloud systems Peter Jonas
Part IV. Surface and Sub-Surface Precipitation: 4.1  Estimating surface precipitation D. Rosenfeld, and C. G. Collier
4.2 Surface and sub-surface processes Peter K. Taylor, and Kristina B. Katsaros
4.3 The ocean's response to the fresh water cycle Raymond W. Schmit
4.4 Physical and physiological feedback constraining evaporation from land surfaces J. L. Monteith
4.5 Soil water P. J. Gregory
4.6 Surface run-off and sub-surface redistribution of water Eric F. Wood
Part V. Use of Small-Scale Models and Observational Data to Investigate Coupled Processes: 5.1 Mesoscale field experiments and models Jean-Claude Andre;, Joël Noilhan, and Jean-Paul Goutorbe
5.2 Cloud-resolving models M. W. Moncrieff, and W.-K. Tao
Part VI. Examples of the Use of GCM's to Investigate Effects of Coupled Processes: 6.1 The interaction of convective and turbulent fluxes in general circulation models David Gregory, Andrew Bushell, and Andrew Brown
6.2 Soil moisture-precipitation interaction: experience with two land surface schemes in the ECWMF model Anton C. M. Beljaars, and Pedro Viterbo
Part VII. Continental-Scale Water Budgets: 7.1 Estimating evaporation-minus-precipitation as a residual of the atmospheric water budget Kevin E. Trenberth, and Christian J. Guillemot
7.2 Factors determining the partitioning of precipitation into evaporation and runoff P. C. D. Milly
7.3 The water budget of a middle latitude continental region: a modelling and observational study Peter Rowntree
7.4 Estimating large scale run-off E. Todini, and L. Dümenil
8. The way forward: toward an integrated land-atmosphere-ocean hydrology Moustafa T. Chahine.

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