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Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: an American controversy

Annette Gordon-Reed

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Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher

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Writings by Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson-Randolph Family
Newspapers Books, Articles, and Other Secondary Sources

Writings by Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson-Randolph Family

The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson 
   and Abigail Adams. Ed. Lester J. Cappon. 2 vols. Chapel Hill, N.C., 1959. 

Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson. With an Introductory Essay by Dumas Malone, 
   Boston, 1948. 

Carr and Cary Papers, 1785-39. Special Collections Department, University of 
   Virginia Library. 

Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Jefferson. Comp. E. Millicent Sowerby. 5 vols. 
   Washington, D.C., 1952-59. 

Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson. An Autobiography. Boston, 1923. 

The Family Letters of Thomas Jefferson. Ed. Edwin M. Betts and James A. Bear, Jr. 
   Columbia, Mo., 1966. 

The Garden and Farm Books of Thomas Jefferson. Ed. Robert C. Baron. Golden, 
   Colo., 1987.

Jefferson's Memorandum Books: Accounts with Legal Record and Miscellany, 1767-
1826. Ed. James A. Bear, Jr., and Lucia C. Stanton. Monticello Research Library. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. 1784; rept. Boston, 1802. 

Randolph, Sarah N., The Domestic Life of Thomas Jefferson. 1871; rept.
   Charlottesville, Va., 1978. 

Randolph, Thomas Jefferson. Memoirs, 1974. Typescript in James A. Bear, Jr., 
   Papers, acc. no. 5454-C, Special Collections Department, University of 
   Virginia Library. 

The Republic of Letters: The Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and
   James Madison, 1776-1826. Ed. James Morton Smith. New York, 1995. 

Thomas Jefferson and James Thomson Callender. Ed. Worthington C. Ford.
   Brooklyn, 1897. 

Thomas Jefferson's Farm Book, with Commentary and Relevant Extracts from
   Other Writings. Ed. Edwin Morris Betts. Princeton, N.J., 1953. 

Thomas Jefferson's Garden Book, 1766-i82q, with Relevant Extracts from
   His Other Writings. Ed. Edwin Morris Betts. Philadelphia, 1944. 

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Ed. Julian Boyd et al. 25 vols. to date.
   Princeton, N.J., 1950-. 

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Jefferson's Literary Commonplace Book.
   Ed. Douglas Wilson. Princeton, N.J.,1989. 

The Works of Thomas Jefferson. Ed. Paul Leicester Ford.12 vols. New York
   and London, 1904-5. 

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. Ed. Andrew A. Lipscomb and Albert E. Bergh. 
   20 vols. Washington, D.C., 1903. 

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Books, Articles, and Other Secondary Sources
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