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Table of Contents of
They Came in Ships

John Philip Colletta

© 1993 Ancestry

Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher

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PREFACE xi INTRODUCTION: WHAT PASSENGER LISTS TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR ANCESTORS 1 Biographical and Genealogical Information 2 The Overseas Link 3 The Migration Story 4 CHAPTER 1: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AND WHERE TO FIND IT 7 First You Must Know the Passenger's . . . Full, Original Name 7 Approximate Age at Arrival 9 Approximate Date of Arrival 10 Where Can You Find This Information? 10 Oral Family Tradition 10 Personal and Family Documents 11 Civil and Church Records 11 Published Genealogies and Local Histories 13 The Two Major Periods of Ship Passenger Lists 14 1565-1819 14 1820-1954 14 CHAPTER 2: PASSENGER LISTS OF 1565-1819 17 Indexes to Published Arrival Lists 18 Bibliography of Published Ship Passenger lists 22 If Your Ancestor Was a Slave 23 Learning More about Your Ancestor's Ship 25 CHAPTER 3: PASSENGER LISTS OF 1820-1954 27 Customs Passenger Lists (1820-ca. 1891) 27 Immigration Passenger lists (1891-1954) 30 Births and Deaths at Sea, Stowaways, and Other Information 36 National Archives Indexes 39 Alphabetical Indexes 42 Soundex Indexes 44 Post-1910 New York Arrivals 47 Book Indexes 49 Problems with the National Archives Indexes-and Solutions 50 CHAPTER 4: SEARCHING IN UNINDEXED YEARS 53 Published Indexes 54 Microfilm M1066-for New York Arrivals 56 Sailing Vessels and Steamships 60 The Morton-Allan Directory-for New York, Baltimore, Boston, and Philadelphia Arrivals 61 Microfilm M334-for Boston and New Orleans Arrivals 62 Emigration lists 63 Determining Your Ancestor's Probable Port of Departure 63 Locating Emigration Lists 64 Bremen Passenger Lists 64 Hamburg Passenger Lists 65 European Passport Records 70 Other Resources and Information of Potential Value 73 Crew Lists 73 Lists of Chinese Passengers 74 Newspaper of the Port of Entry 74 Immigration via Canada, 1895-1954 75 Immigration Laws of 1921 and 1924 76 Obtaining a Picture of Your Ancestor's Ship 77 Sailing Vessels and Steamships 77 The Steamship Historical Society of America 78 CONCLUSION: A WORD ABOUT ELLIS ISLAND 79 SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY 83

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