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Merchant sailing ships, 1775-1815; sovereignty of sail

David R. MacGregor

© 1985 Naval Institute Press

Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher

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The backbone of the book consists of the plans derived from models and shipbuilders' draughts, which are measured and reconstructed to produce the plans used here. Comments on any Collection are usually given in the text or the references, so no additional data is listed here. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Admiralty Collection of Draughts; plans of merchant ships contained in such collections as Longstaff and Charnock, as well as in the general collection; also ship models. In the Print Room, artists' sketch books and watercolour drawings. Various manuscripts including a list of ships built in the Blackwall Yard. Science Museum, London. Plans and models of merchant ships. Charles Hill & Sons. Hilhouse Collection of plans (c1760 onwards). Liverpool County Museums. Brocklebank Collection of plans, and Yard Data book; models; shipbuilding lists. Howard 1 Chapelle. Numerous plans reconstructed from contemporary draughts (inspected during his lifetime). Whitby Museum. (Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society). H W Smales Collection of ships plans. India Offce Library. Log-books. W. Salisbury. Ship plans; models; shipbuilding lists; analysis of Hilhouse plans. James Henderson. Cost accounts and spar dimensions of ships built by A Hall & Sons. James Steele. Half-models; Shipyard list (inspected during his lifetime). Author's Collection. Plans; log-books; illustrations. Mariners Museum, Newport News. Guibert Collection of French ships. Historisch Scheepwaart Museum, Amsterdam. Plans and models. Musee de Marine, Paris. Models; drawings by Ozanne.


The following are the principal books consulted but it is not intended to be an exhaustive list on the period. Articles in journals are given in the References and so are omitted. A number of the books listed were used in reconstructing the plans. Abell, Sir Wescott, The Shipwright's Trade (Cambridge 1948) Baugean, Jean, Collection de toutes les Especes de Bätimens de Guerre et de Bätimens Marchands (Paris 1814) Baugean, Jean, Recueil de Petites Marine (Paris 1817) Benham, Hervey, Once upon a Tide (London 1955) Biddlecombe, George, The Art of Rigging (London 1848) Bowen, Frank C, The Golden Age of Sail (London 1925) Brewington, M V and Dorothy Brewington, The Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum (Salem 1968) Burstall, Aubrey F, A History of Mechanical Engineering (London 1965) Chapelle, Howard I, The History of American Sailing Ships (New York 1935) Chapelle, Howard I, The .National Watercraft Collection (Smithsonian Museum, Washington 1960) Chapelle Howard I, The Search for Speed under Sail (New York 1967) Chapman, Fredrik Henrik af, Architectura .Navalis Mercatoria (Stockholm 1768, reprinted London c1970) Chapman, Frederick Henry de, A Treatise on Ship-Building translated by Rev James Inman (Cambridge 1820) Clowes, G S Laird, Sailing Ships (Science Museum catalogues, 2 vols, London 1932) Coates, W H, The Good Old Days of Shipping (Bombay 1900) Collection of Papers on .Naval Architecture originally communicated though the channel of the European Magazine (London 1798) Colledge, J J, Ships of the Royal Navy: an Historical Index (Newton Abbot 2 vols 1969 and 1970) Cooke, E W, Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft (London 1829) Cotton, Sir Evan, East Indiamen (London 1949) Court, W H B, A Concise Economic History of Britain from 1750 (Cambridge 1954) Davis, Ralph, Rise of the English Shipping Industry (London 1962) Falconer, William, An Universal Dictionary of the Marine (London 1769 and 1780) Finberg, H P R (editor), Approaches to History (London 1965) Finch, Roger, Coals from Newcastle (Lavenham 1973) Fincham, John, An Outline of Ship-Building (2 vols text and plates London 1852) Fincham, John, A Treatise on Masting Ships and Mast Making, (2 vols text and plates, London 1st ed 1829 and 3rd ed 1854) Gibson, John F, Brocklebanks 1770-1950 (2 vols Liverpool 1953) Gower, Richard Hall, A Supplement to the Practical Seamanship (London 1807) Green, Henry, and Wigram, Chronicles of the Blackzoall Yard (part I London 1881) Groenewegen, G, Verzameling van Vier en tachtig Stuks Hollandsche Schepen (Rotterdam 1789, ,eprint 1967) Hardy's Register of Ships Employed by the East India Co (London 3rd ed 1820 and 4th ed 1835) Harland, John, illustrated by Mark Myers, Seamanship in the Age of Sail (London 1984) Harper, Lawrence A, The English Navigation Laws (reprint of 1939 ed, New York 1964) Hill, John C G, Shipshape and Bristol Fashion (Liverpool c1955) Hutchinson, William, A Treatise on Naval Architecture (4th ed Liverpool 1794) Kipping, Robert, The Elements of Sailmaking (2nd ed London 1851) Klein, Herbert S, The Middle Passage (Princeton, New Jersey 1978) Laughton, L G Carr, Old Ship Figure-Heads & Sterns (London 1925) Lescaller, Antoine, hocabulaire des Termes de Marine (Paris 1777) 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Craft (London 1824) Murphy, John M, and W N Jeffers jnr, Spars and Rigging from Nautical Routine (reprint of 1849 ed, Providence, RI 1933) Murray, Mungo, A Treatise on Ship-Building and .Navigation (London 1765) Päris, Vice-Adml Edmond, Souvenirs de Marine (original 6 vols reprinted as 3, Grenoble 1975) Parkinson, C Northcote, The Trade Winds: British Oversea Trade 1793- 1815 (London 1948) Petrejus, E W, Modelling the Brig of War 'Irene' (Hengelo, Holland 1970) Powell, J W Darner, Bristol Privateers and Ships of War (Bristol 1930) Pro- ceedings Relative to Ships Tendered for the Service of the United East-India Company, from the 2nd ,duly 1806 to the 27th September 1809 (London 1809) Rees, Abraham, `Naval Architecture', Cyclopaedia (London 1820) Richardson, Thomas, Mercantile Marine Architecture (London 1833) Shields, John, Clyde Built (Glasgow 1949) Shipbuilder's Repository or, A Treatise on Marine Architecture (London nd c1788) Smith, J W, and T S Holden, Where Ships are Born: Sunderland 1346-1946 (Sunderland 1947) Stackpoole, Edouard A, The Sea-Hunters (Philadelphia 1953) Starbuck, Alexander. History of the American Whale Fishery (reprint of 1878 ed 2 vols, New York 1964) Steel. David, The Elements and Practice of Rigging andSeamanship (2 vols London 1794) Steel, David, Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture, editor ,John Knowles (2 vols text and plates, London 2nd 1822) Steel David, The shipwright's Vade-Mecum (2 vols text and plates, London 1805) Stevens,John R. Old Time Ships (Toronto 1949). Stewart-Brown, R, Liverpool Ships in the Eighteenth Century (Liverpool 1932) Sutton, Jean. Lords of the East; the East India Company and its Ships (London 1981) Szymanski, Hans. Deutche Segelschiffe (Berlin 1934) Weatherill, Richard, The Ancient Port of Whitby and its Shipping (Whitby 1908) Williams. Gomer, History of Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque with an Account of the Liverpool Slave Trade (London 1897) Winchester, Clarence (editor), Shipping wonders of the World, (2 vols, London (1936) Young, Arthur, Nautical Dictionary (1st ed Dundee 1846, 2nd ed London 1863)

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