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Table of Contents of
Fast Sailing Ships

David R. MacGregor

© 1988

Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher, Naval Institute Press

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Foreword                                                                  7

Introduction to First Edition                                             9

Introduction to Second Edition                                           11

        Employment of fast ships                                         13
        Principles of naval architecture from English books              15
        Criteria for hull analysis                                       20
        Innovations in construction                                      20
        Tonnage measurement and registration                             23

Chapter Two:   EARLY FAST SHIPS 1775-1815   
        Clipper terminology                                              26
        Cutters and cutter-build                                         26
        English privateers                                               32
        Swedish, French and American privateers and blockade 
        runners                                                          34
        Post Office packets                                              47
        The Transit and other long ships                                 50
        Some royal yachts                                                52
        Revenue cutters and smugglers                                    53
        Brigantine St Helena                                             55

Chapter Three: CLIPPER SHIP DEVELOPMENT 1815-1839                                                              
        Definitions                                                      58
        Post Office packets                                              58                                 A merchant ship and an East Indiaman                             59                                 Hilhouse schooners                                               62                                 The brig Neilson                                                 66                         
        The Falcon                                                       68                                 Outline specification of alterations to the Falcon               74
        T & J Brocklebank's brigantine Dash and barquentine Bonanza      75
        Leith smacks                                                     79                                 Clipper schooners                                                82                                 A demand for clippers                                            86                                 The Symondites                                                   88                                 Opium clippers                                                   90                                 Fast ships in eastern trades                                     95
        New measurement tonnage                                          97                                   

Chapter Four:THE ABERDEEN BOW 1839-1850                                                               
        The Scottish Maid                                                99
        Development of Aberdeen bow                                     105
        Some of Hall's clippers compared                                109
        Other clippers of the 1840s                                     121
        Early American clipper ship development                         123
        The Camertonian                                                 126

Chapter Five: PROGRESS OF SHIPBUILDING 1850-1875130

        Iron as a shipbuilding material                                 130
        Rules for iron ships                                            132
        Spread of iron shipbuilding                                     134
        Steel shipbuilding                                              135
        Review of wood shipbuilding                                     135
        Diagonal and experimental construction in wood                  140
        Composite construction                                          141
        Improvements to deck fittings and rigging                       146
        Tonnage measurement by 1854 rule                                151

Chapter Six: THE CLIPPER SHIP BOOM 1850-1859

        Introduction                                                    153
        The Three Bells                                                 155
        The Australian gold rush                                        157
        Alexander Duthie and Walter Hood                                158
        The Hurricane and other iron clippers                           159
        The 'Gauntlet' clipper ship                                     162
        William Rennie                                                  165
        Alexander Stephen jnr and the Storm Cloud                       167
        Benjamin Nicholson and the Annandale                            172
        Alexander Hall's tea clippers                                   175
        John and William Pile                                           182
        American and Canadian clippers                                  183
        The Schomberg                                                   193
        Sarah Neumann and the clippers of Southern England              196
        Charles Tayleur & Co., Warrington                               198
        Clippers of north-west England                                  201
        Clippers of the late 1850's                                     202
        Clipper schooners and brigs                                     206
        Conclusions                                                     214

Chapter Seven:  THE LATER CLIPPERS 1860-1875

        Introduction                                                    216
        The Fiery Cross and Black Prince                                219
        The auxiliary steamer Sea King                                  221
        Other clippers of 1860-68                                       225
        William Pile and the Maitland                                   231
        Robert Steele & Co's tea clippers                               234
        Charless Connell and the Spindrift                              239
        Bernard Waymouth and the Thermopylae                            242
        Some of Alexander Hall's clippers                               249
        Clippers of 1869-70                                             253
        The Mermerus and other iron clippers of the 1870's              258
        Clippers, brigs and schooners                                   263 
        Conclusions                                                     270

Appendix 1:   Definitions of tonnage measurements and registration      271

Appendix 2:   Ships built by Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen,           274

Appendix 3:   Spar dimensions of Thermopylae                            280

Appendix 4:   Specification of iron sailing ship Sarah Palmer           281

              Sources and Bibliography                                  283

              Acknowledgements                                          290

              References                                                292

              Index                                                     302

  Sources cited   |   Index   |  Catalog record and links to related information from the Library of Congress catalog

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