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Fast Sailing Ships: Their Design and Construction, 1775-1875.

David R. MacGregor

© 1988

Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher  Naval Institute Press

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Abbreviations used in the references


A S & Sons             Alexander Stephen & Sons
CH                     Custom House
LR                     Lloyd's Register
MM                     The Mariner's Mirror
NMM                    National Maritime Museum
PP                     Parliamentary Papers


Ships plans and models

The structure of the book depends on the plans, which have been redrawn or photographed fron old originals, or which have been prepared from measurements taken from models. In a majority of cases, the source of the plan is fully described in the text, and the scope of any large collection is referred to, so it is not proposed to repeat such information here. The following list comprises collec- tions consisting of more than one model or plan which have been consulted. National Maritime Museum. Admiralty Collection of Draughts; plans of merchant ships embodying drawings from various ship- builders and collectors, including the Croad Collection, Denny Col- lection, Hilhouse Collection, Lisslie Collection and Longstaff Collec- tion; also numerous models. Alexander Stephen & Sons. Plans and half-models from 1852 onwards for almost all vessels launched at the Glasgow yard; plans now housed at National Maritime Museum. Nothing located from Dundee yard except two plans and one half-model which were found in the Glasgow yard. Barclay, Curle & Co. From about 1850 onwards, plans of almost all vessels; now housed at National Maritime Museum. Science Museum. Geddie Collection of plans; sail plans drawn by G C Watson; photographic negatives of Hilhouse Collection and vessels from other sources. Liverpool Museum. Many models, including Kellock Collection. Whitehaven Museum. Some half-models; sail plans from William Kennaugh. Glasgow Museum. Half-models of clippers built by Alexander Hall & Sons; also of ships by John Reid; many other models. Sunderland Museum. Half-models of ships built by Robert Thomp- son; other models of locally-built ships. Whitby Museum. Plans of locally-built ships. Brixham Maritime Museum. Half-models of locally-built vessels. Bristol Museum. Half-models of ships built by G K Stothert from 1851; other models, some of locally-built vessels. Thos & Jno Brocklebank. Plans of ships built in Whitehaven. Smith's Dock Co. Models at N Shields and Middlebrough offices. The late James Steele. Half-models of ships built by Robert Steele & Co. Their whereabouts are now unknown. J W & A Upham. Half-models of ships built in their yard. B E Nicholson. Half-models of ships built at Annan 1853-65. Howard I Chapelle. Various plans; lines taken off half-models. Janes Henderson. Models of Aberdeen-built ships; plans drawn from models or redrawn from originals. William Salisbury. Some models; plans drawn from models or redrawn from originals. Author's Collection. Some models; plans drawn from models or redrawn from originals. F Holm-Petersen Coll. Models and plans of Danish-built vessels. Mariners Museum, Newport News. G Hillman Plans (c 1850-65) and eighteenth-century plans of French vessels. Francis Russell Hart Nautical Museum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some models; original plans of Mckay's clippers. Peabody Mus, Salem. Some models; plans from various sources.


It is a harder task to establish lists of ships according to their builder rather than their owner, perhaps because most research in the past has been directed towards shipowning. This has been accentuated by the material readily available in such publications as Lloyd's Register of Shipping where the builder's name was never published prior to 1859 and the place of building was often inaccurately named. Shipowning-research has been further assisted in the past by the detailed information as to division of shares in a ship, obtainable in the Custom House registers, and by the fleet lists given in Lloyd's Register as from 1878. By contrast, particulars on shipbuilders require more research. A valuable source of shipbuilders' lists is that formed by Arthur C Wardle at the Liverpool Museum. In addition, I have located others at shipbuilder's offices, in the Museums and Libraries of ship- building towns, and in private collections. A systematic transcription of the Custom House registers would eventually provide complete lists of vessels constructed by every builder, but this is a time- consuming occupation. In the case of a small port whose ships are almost entirely locally-built, the Custom House records at that port alone can provide a fairly complete list of ships built there; but in larger ports, this is impossible. A very valuable way of obtaining data on shipbuilders and their ships is by consulting the Lloyd's Register survey reports, now at the National Maritime Museum. Although many ships were never classed by Lloyd's Register, these reports provide the surest way to obtain an accurate sample of any shipbuilder's activities, together with a surveyor's coments on the ships produced. The principal manuscript sources consulted are listed below: Barclay, Curle & Co. List of ships built. Baring Brothers. Specification and operating costs of the clippers Black Prince and Norman Court; letters and specification about the Falcon (1824); and Captain Andrew Shewan's writings. Blyth, Greene, Jourdain & Co. Letters from James Blyth and list of ships owned. Custom House registers: consulted at London and Glasgow. Dr and Mrs Donald. Log-books and letters of Captain Thomas Mitchell, master in the Aberdeen White Star Line. L E Evans. Log books and documents of Captain Joseph E McGill and his son Captain J Edward McGill. Grahame Farr. Lists of ships built in the Ports of Bideford, Barn- staple &c, compiled from Custom House registers and other sources. Glasgow Museum. List of ships built by William Simons, including spar dimensions. India Office Library. Log-books of Farquharson and St Helena. James Henderson Collection. Cost accounts of ships built by Alexander Hall & Sons. Sir James Laing & Co Ships built, with spar and rigging dimensions. Liverpool Museum, Shipping Collection. List of ships built by Jones, Quiggin & Co; MS lists compiled by Arthur C Wardle of shipbuilders in the British Isles together with lists of ships built. Lloyd's Register. Visitation Committee Reports to shipbuilding centres from 1851; Surveyor's Committee Reports 1838-74; survey reports of some ships. London Missionary Society. Papers relating to ships John Williams II and to Samoa, later John Williams III. National Maritime Museum. Lists of ships built at the Blackwall Yard, London; Lubbock Collection, letters from James MacCunn; various log-books; Lloyd's Register survey reports from c 1834. B E Nicholson. Voyage account books of ships owned by John Nicholson & Co. W Salisbury Collection. MS lists of ships built and owned in north- west England and compiled by W Stewart-Rees. Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd. Diaries kept by Alexander Stephen Snr 1824-51, and by Alexander Stephen Jnr 1856 onwards; also note books kept by the latter 1851-56. Letter books for Clyde-side yard from 1856. (All now deposited with Department of Economic History, Glasgow University, since I examined them.) Tower Hamlets Borough Council (formerly Poplar). Collection of records compiled by Daniel R Bolt, including individual sailing ship histories. J W & A Upham. List of ships built, 1856 onwards. Whitehaven Library and Museum. Lists of locally-built ships and particulars of shipbuilders, compiled by Daniel Hay; also account books. Author's Collection. Lists of ships built by William Pile of Sunder- land, beginning at no 52 (1858); and of Robert Steele & Co (complete); also log-books and voyages accounts.


This list comprises those most frequently consulted. Aberdeen Journal Albion (Liverpool) American Neptune (Salem, Mass, from 1941) Argus (Melbourne) Artizan (London) Australia and New Zealand Gazette (London, from 1851) Canton Register Chronicle of London Missionary Society Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tasmania) Economic History Review (Cambridge) Glasgow Herald Illustrated London News (London, from 1841) Lloyd's Lists Log Chips (Washington, 4 vols, 1948-59) London and China Telegraph (London, from 1859) Marine Models (London, c 1927-39) Mariner's Mirror (London, from 1911) Mechanics' Magazine (London) Mercantile Marine Magazine (London, 1856-64) Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review (New York) Nautical Magazine (London) Nautical Research Journal (USA, from c 1948) Norfolk Sailor (Norwich, from 1959) North British Daily Mail (Glasgow) Sea Breezes (Liverpool, from 1919) Ships and Ship Models (London, from 1931) Ships Monthly (London, from 1966) Smith's Dock Monthly (North Shields) Sunderland Echo Sydney Morning Herald The Times (London) Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects (London, from 1860)


The following are the principal books and articles referred to, but the Notes, Queries and Answers in the Mariner's Mirror are too numerous to list here, with one or two exceptions, although they are given fully in the References. Abell, Sir Westcott, The Shipwright's Trade, Cambridge 1948. 'The "Aberdeen Bow"', Aberdeen Journal, 12th July 1848, p5. Albion, Robert G, Forests and Sea Power 1652-1862, Cambridge, Mass 1926. - Square-riggers on Schedule, Princeton, NJ 1938. Anderson, R C, 'Eighteenth-Century Books on Shipbuilding, Rigging, and Seamanship', MM, 1947, vol 33, pp 218-25. - Catalogue of Ship-Models at the National Maritime Museum, London 1952. Annesley, William, A New System of Naval Architecture, London 1822. Ansted, A, A Dictionary of Sea Terms, Glasgow 1933. Baker, William A, From Paddle Steamer to Nuclear Ship, London 1965. - Sloops and Shallops, Barre, Mass 1966. Baugean, Collections de toutes les especes de batiments de guerre et de batiments marchands, Paris 1814. 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(October 18, 2001)
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