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Table of Contents of
White Servitude in Pennsylvania: Indentured and Redemption Labor in Colony and Common Wealth

Cheesman Abiah Herrick

© Negro Universities Press 1969

Reproduced 2002 with permission of the publisher

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Page Preface v


INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER I The Influence of Labor on Colonial Development 1 CHAPTER II Indentured Labor in Pennsylvania Before 1700 27


DEMAND FOR INDENTURED AND REDEMPTION SERVANTS IN PENNSYLVANIA CHAPTER III Demand for Settlers Created a Demand for Indentured Servants 41 CHAPTER IV Demand for White Servants Due to Diversified Industry... CHAPTER V Demand for White Servants Increased by Sentiment Against Negro Slavery...


SUPPLY OF SERVANTS UNDER INDENTURE CHAPTER VI Home Supply of Servants 100 CHAPTER VII Transportation as a Source of Supply 113 CHAPTER VIII Supply of Indentured Servants from Great Britain 142 CHAPTER IX Supply of German Servants 168


THE INDENTURED AND REDEMPTION LABOR SYSTEM IN OPERATION CHAPTER X Sale and Distribution of Servants 195 CHAPTER XI Runaway Servants 217 CHAPTER XII Enlistment of Servants for Colonial Wars 233


CONCLUSION CHAPTER XIII Later History and Disappearance of Redemption Labor 254 CHAPTER XIV Results of White Servitude in Pennsylvania... APPENDIX I Laws Affecting White Servitude in Pennsylvania 286 APPENDIX II Emigration Record From Great Britain, opposite 309 APPENDIX III I. Primary Sources 309 II. Secondary Sources 320


A Typical Indenture Frontispiece Fronting Page German Redemption Agreement 4 Early Record of Arrival of Servants 35 Petition to be Sold as a Servant 100 Petitions to be Sold for Debt 105 How a Freeman Became a Servant (1740) 106 An Indenture with Certificate for Leaving England 146 Page of Britannica Account Book 186 An Indenture Entered into before the Mayor of Philadelphia 196 Account Against a Runaway Servant 217 Petition Against a Runaway 218 Petition Against a Servant Who Refused to Work 219 Petition of Man Arrested on Suspicion of Being a Runaway Servant 220 Petition Against a Servant With the Decision Indorsed 230 An Indenture Made Before the Register of German Pas- sengers 255 Closing Record in Registry of Redemptioners 266 A Servant's Petition for Better Treatment 275 A Servant's Petition to Secure His Rights, (1741) 277 Certificate of a Servant's Character 281 Emigration Record from Great Britain 309

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