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White Servitude in Pennsylvania: Indentured and Redemption Labor in Colony and Common Wealth

Cheesman Abiah Herrick

© Negro Universities Press 1969

Reproduced 2002 with permission of the publisher

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Papers Relating to, Memorials, Petitions, Evidence and Arguments in the Trials of Peter Williamson from 1761 to 1769. Rare Collection of Papers earlier in private Library of the late Samuel W. Pennypacker, and generously placed at the disposal of the writer. ____ State of Process Against Captain William Fordyce, Walter Cochran, Patrick Barrow & Co., and others. Evidence in the Case for which Petition of 1767 presented. ____ Travels among the Indian Tribes of North America. Edinburgh: 1768. ____ Life and Adventures of (Memoir). Liverpool: 1807. ____, PETITION. Addressed to the Right Honourable Lords of Council and Session. December 23, 1767. (Williamson Papers.)


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