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The Great Migration; the Atlantic crossing by sailingship since 1770

Edwin Clarence Guillet

Reproduced 2001 with permission of the publisher, University of Toronto Press
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Note-It is intended that this bibliography shall represent largely the items which have been cited or quoted rather than an exhaus- tive list of available source material. A large amount of printed and unprinted matter which has been consulted has consequently been omitted, as have also been numerous general histories and works of reference.


(a) Documents in Public Collections Beckwith to Drummond, November 21, 1815. Public Archives of Canada, C. 621, p. 103. Campbell to Bathurst, Glasgow, February 24, 1815. Public Archives of Canada, Q. 135, p. 106. Proclamation, February 22, 1815, "British Provinces in North America," Public Archives of Canada, Q. 328, p. 143. Diary of John Thomson, Archives of Ontario. (b) Letters, Journals or Diaries in Private Possession Bell, William: "A History of the Christian Church in this Settle- ment" (Perth, Upper Canada). A large number of closely- written volumes upon this and related subjects are in the possession of the Rev. Mr. Bell's descendants. Gapper, Mary: Letters, 1828-1842. Written in diary form, a large number of letters descriptive of the Atlantic passage and of pioneer life in Upper Canada are in the possession of Mary Gapper's grand-daughter, Miss Kathleen O'Brien, Toronto, Canada. Smith, J. T.: "Journal in America." This manuscript volume is in the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit, Mich. Thomas, Francis: "Journal of a Voyage from London to Quebec, with an Account of the Shipwreck near Cape Ray, on the coast of Newfoundland." (1833). In the possession of his grandson, W. F. Thomas, Esq., Toronto, Canada.


(a) Acts of Parliament Relating to Passenger Vessels The chief Acts regulating conditions of passage in the sailing- ship period are the following: Act of 1803, 43 Geo. 3, c. 56. Act of 1817, 56 Geo. 3, c. 83. Act of 1823, 4 Geo. 4, c. 83. Act of 1827, 7 and 8 Geo. 4, c. 116. Act of 1828, 9 Geo. 4, c. 21. Act of 1835-6, 5 and 6 Will. 4, c. 56. Act of 1842, 5 and 6 Victoria, c. 107. Act of 1847, 10 and 11 Victoria, c. 103. Act of 1849, 12 and 13 Victoria, c. 33. Act of 1852, 15 and 16 Victoria, c. 44. Act of 1853, 16 and 17 Victoria, c. 84. Act of 1855, 18 and 19 Victoria, c. 119. (b) Official British, Colonial and American Publications and Reports Those italicized appeared in print under the titles given. Circular issued from the Colonial Office, February, 1818. Circular issued from the Colonial Office, February 9, 1832. Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners' Annual Report, 1848. Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners' Annual Report, 1851. Emigration: Canada and Australia. 1838. Emigration. Papers Relative to Emigration to the British Provinces in North America. 1847. Emigration. Papers Relative to Emigration to the British Provinces in North America. 1848. Emigration. Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, Dated 7 May 1838. 1838. Emigration. Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, Dated 9 July 1839. 1839. Evidence before the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Colonisation from Ireland, 1847. Fifth General Report of the Colonial Land and Emigration Com- missioners. 1845. Hansard, 2nd Series, Volume 18, 1828, pp. 962 and 1212. Papers Relative to Emigration, 1847. Report from, and Minutes of Evidence taken before, the Select Committee on Emigration from the United Kingdom. 1826. Report of the Chief Emigration Agent at Quebec to the Governor- General, 1841. Report of the Commissioners of Emigration at New York, October 1st, 1847. Report of the Deer Island Hospital, Boston, for the week ending January 26th, 1848. Report of the Emigration Officer at St. Andrews, 1847. Report of the Highland Society of Scotland to a Parliamentary Committee, 1800-3. Report of the Inspector General of the Province of Canada for 1847. Report of the Parliamentary Committee on Emigration, 1844. Report of the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Col- onisation from Ireland. 1847. Report of the Affairs of British North America, by John George Lambton Durham. 1839. Reports and Correspondence Respecting Emigration to the Col- onies. 1839. Reports, Returns, and other Papers, Presented to the Imperial Houses of Parliament of Great Britain and Ireland, Relating to Canada. (Printed in London, England, and covering the period 1803-1896. The 48 volumes contain a mass of Returns of Emigration, Weekly and Annual Reports, Reports of Emigration Commissioners and Select Committees, Reports of Immigration at Grosse Isle, colonization schemes, and legislation relative to emigration.) Second Report from the Select Committee on Emigration, Scot- land. 1841. Third Report upon Emigration from the United Kingdom. 1827. (c) Newspapers and Periodicals It has been considered worth while to particularize the items from the Illustrated London News and certain of the older Re- views and Journals. Albany Advertiser. Arnprior Chronicle. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, especially November, 1821, p. 450. Boston Journal. Boston Mail. Canadian Historical Review. Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, especially April 13, 1844, p. 228. Cobourg Star. Edinburgh Review, especially October, 1802, p. 61; June, 1818, p. 123; June, 1824, p. 315; December, 1826, p. 49; January, 1828, p. 205; and July, 1854, p. 236. Illustrated London News, especially the following: "Abolition of the Slave Trade," August 6, 1842. "The New American Line-ship Victoria," August 12, 1843. "Emigration to Sydney," April 13, 1844. "Emigrants on the Way to the Place of Embarkation," Decem- ber 21, 1844. "New Mode of Saving Lives from Shipwreck," May 2, 1846. "Loss of an Emigrant Ship and 240 Passengers," May 8, 1847. "Wreck of the Exmouth Emigrant-ship," May 29, 1847. "The Emigrant Ship Artemisia," August 12, 1848. "Burning of the Ocean Monarch Emigrant Ship," September 2, 1848. "Emigration-a Voyage to Australia," January 20, 1849. "Dreadful Wreck of an Emigrant Ship," March 10, 1849. "An Emigrant Ship Run Down," July 7, 1849. "Irish Evictions," October 20, 1849. "The Tide of Emigration to the United States and the British Colonies," July 6, 1850. "The Helena Slowman Steam-ship," July 20, 1850. "The Canterbury Association," September 7, 1850. "Wreck of the Edmund," December 7, 1850. 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