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Gatekeepers of Black Culture: black-owned book publishing in the United States, 1817-1981

Donald Franklin Joyce

© 1983 Greenwood Press

Reproduced 2002 with permission of the publisher

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Graphs ix Tables xi Acknowledgments xiii Introduction 1 1. Beginnings: The Foundation of Major Black Institutions in the United States, 1775-1900 5 2. Proud Protectors and Vindicators of the Race: Black Secular Institutional Book Publishers, 1900-1959 24 3. Valiant Purveyors of Black Americana: Black Commercial Book Publishers, 1900-1959 51 4. "Go Tell It on the Mountain": The Book- Publishing Activities of Black Religious Publishers, 1900-1959 69 5. Reactors to a Revolution: Black Book Publishers, 1960-1974 78 6. Yesteryear versus Yesterday: A Comparison of Black Book Publishing in Two Periods: 1900-1959 and 1960-1974 100 7. Vendors or Victims of the American Book- Publishing Industry: Problems Encountered by Black Book Publishers, 1960-1974 109 8. Testifiers to Times of Entrenchment and Singers of a Bright New Future: Black Book Publishers Speak in 1981 126 9. A Chance to Speak for Ourselves: A Concluding Commentary on the Growth and Development of Black Book Publishing, 1817-1981 137 Appendix A. Selected Characteristics of Black-Owned Book Publishing, 1900-1974 147 Appendix B. Statistics on Specific Problems Reported by Black Book-Publishing Executives, 1961-1974 155 Appendix C. Profiles of the Sixty-six Black Publishers and Two Printers Identified as Engaging in Black-Owned Book Publishing, 1817-1981 171 Bibliography 215 Author Index 229 Name and Subject Index 237


1. Black Commercial Publishers: Title Output, 1900-1974. 147 2. Black Civil Rights Organizations: Title Output, 1900-1974 148 3. Black Periodical Publishers: Title Output, 1900-1974 148 4. Black Cultural and Professional Organizations: Title Output, 1900-1974 149 5. Black Newspaper Publishers: Title Output, 1900-1974 149 6. Black Religious Publishers: Title Output, 1900-1974 150 7. Black Colleges and Universities: Title Output, 1900-1974 150 8. Sixty-six Black Publishers: Title Output, 1900-1974 151


1. A Comparison of the Number of Publishers Issuing Titles in Nineteen Literary Genres During 1900-1960 and 1961-1974 152 2. Book Publishers Applying for Financial Assistance 155 3. Purpose of Application for Financial Assistance 156 4. Institutions Applied to for Financial Assistance 157 5. Institutions Giving Loans to Black Book Publishers 158 6. Publishers Applying for Grants from Foundations 159 7. Executive's Solutions to Acquiring Capital for Growth and Development 160 8. Prior Vocational and Professional Pursuits of Book-Publishing Executives 161 9. Contacts Used by Publishers to Generate the Flow of Manuscripts 162 10. Publishers' Methods for Weeding Out Manuscripts 163 11. Professional Competence of Publishing Executives 164 12. Promotional Techniques Employed by Publishing Executives 165 13. Channels of Distribution Used by Book Publishers 166 14. Book-Publishing Executives Regularly Sending Titles for Review 167 15. Publishers Sending Review Copies to Selected Major White Reviewing Media 168 16. Publisher Success in Receiving Reviews from Major White Reviewing Media 169

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