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[Note that the Library of Congress microfilm number for this entire collection is 5042]


Microfilmed in full.

28. (Greg. 1900). Praxapostolos with Commentary
     (Isadore of Pelusium, John Chrysostom,
     Severianos, Diodoros of Tarsus, Theodore of
     Mopsuestia, Acacios, Apollinarios). 9th/lOth
     cent. 270 f. vellum 46 ft.

31.6 x 24.0 cm.; text 9.6 - 11.7 x 9.6;
comm. 22.5 - 26.7 x 17.0; 14 lines; comm.
37-47 lines.
Text begins at Rom 6:6. Ends Heb 13:19.
Later hand f. 5 (paper); f. 270 (paper).

29. (Greg. L 1056). Evangelion. 1297 A.D.
     211 f. vellum 36 ft.

33.0 x 23.3 cm.; 2 cols. (20.2 x 7.5,
total 15.6); 24 lines.
Folio after 5 unnumbered.
A lengthy colophon identifies the date
as the 15th of July, 1297; the scribe,
Constantine the Miserable One.

39. (Greg. 1392). Four Gospels with Commentary.
     lOth/llth cent. 324 f. vellum 54 ft.
27.2 x 22.6 cm.; text 12.2 x 9.3; total
21.2 x 15.2; 20 lines; comm. 40 lines.
Note about Mk 16:9-20.

[12]44. (Greg. 051). Apocalypse with Comm. of Andreas.
     9th/lOth cent. 92 f. vellum 19 ft.

22.8 x 18.2 cm.; 1 col. (16.5 x 10.8); 22
lines with uncial letters .275 high and
about 35 to the line.
Text begins at 11:15.
Different hand on f. 70f. John of Damascus,
f. 89f. treatise on The Faithful Dead

Athos monastery of Simonopetra

Athos Monastery of Simonopetra
From the Arnold Genthe Collection
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-G4085- 0258

Guide to Manuscripts in the Monasteries of Mt. Athos

Table of Contents

Viewing or Ordering Copies of Manuscripts
Foreward to the 1957 edition
Manuscript Reproductions available at LC
      Monastery of Dionysios
      Monastery of Iviron
      Monastery of The Lavra
      Monastery of Pantokrator            [Pant]
      Monastery of Stravroniketa           [Stavr.]
      Monastery of Vatopedi                 [Vat.]
      Monastery of Iviron
      Anatolia College, Salonika
Other Collections

45. (Greg. 1393). Four Gospels. 12th cent.
     88 f. vellum 18 ft.
20.6 x 16.3 cm.; 1 col. (15.3 x 11.6);
37 lines. Unnumbered folio after f. 61.
Two vellum fly leaves containing uncial
text of a Canon.
Colophon on f. 2 gives a presentation
date of Oct. 18th, 1123 by Gennadios, a
monk, to his bishop.

47. (Greg. 1394). Four Gospels. 1301 A.D.
     335 f. vellum 53 ft.
23.6 x 17.0 cm.; 1 col. (14.7 x 10.3);
21 lines. No. 265 omitted; folio
following f. 46, 214 unnumbered.
Miniatures: Mt (f. 25v); Mk (f. 114v);
Lk (f. 173v); Jn (f. 267v).
Colophon on f. 336v gives the year 1301
and the scribe Theodoros Hagiopetrites.

48. (Greg. 1395). Four Gospels. 14th cent.
     374 f. vellum   64 ft.
20.5 x 15.4 cm.; 1 col. (13.7 x 8.8);
20 lines.
Opening coverguard contains an 11th
cent. (?) text of Jeremiah.
Miniatures: Mt (f. 5r); Virgin (f. 6v);
Mk (f. 112v); Lk (f. 182v); Jn (f. 295v).
Colophon on f. 374r in different hand
claims that the ms. was written by
Alexios (III of Trapezunt) and finished
in August, 1366.

62. (Greg. 1403). Four Gospels. 1300 (1320?)
     A.D. 163 f. vellum 20 ft.
10.8 x 7.5 cm.; 1 col. (8.2 x 5.4); 28
Colophon on f. 163v gives the year 1300
(or 1320) during the reign of Andronicus
(Andronicus II, 1282-1328).

234. (Greg. 1404). New Testament with Selections
     from the Fathers, Psalter, and other Eccle-
     siastical Writings. 13th cent. 547 f.
     vellum 83 ft.
Known as the Gospels of John Calyvitos.
16.8 x 12.3 cm.; 1 col. (12.7 x 8.4);
46 lines.
Two vellum flyleaves contain readings
from the prophets (9th cent. ?) and 6
leaves contain prescriptions of Galenios.
The selections from the Fathers include
Gregory the Theologian, John of Damascus,
Anastasios of Theopolis, Psellos, Athanasios
of Alexandria, et al.

Mt (9r); Mk (23v); Lk (31r); Jn (43r);
Eleven Apostles (52v); Paul (63r, 67r);
James (83v); Peter (84v); John (86v);
Jude (88r); Gregory the Theologian (88v);
John of Damascus (210r); Anastasios (249v);
Michael Ducas and Psellos (254r); Athanasios
(258r); David (263v); Maximos the Confessor
(448v); Dionysios the Areopagite (470v).

Microfilmed in part.

3. Writings of the Church Fathers. 13th cent.
     vellum 5 ft.
James: On the Most Holy Theotokos,
f. 163-166 (paper, 16th cent.).
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