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      The purpose of this Checklist is to make known to scholars the existence and availability of photo- reproductions of manuscripts belonging to the various monasteries on Mt. Athos, Greece. The first portion of the Checklist is devoted to a detailed description of manuscripts microfilmed by Ernest W. Saunders of the Garrett Biblical Institute over a period of six months covering the latter part of 1952 and early 1953. Dr. Saunders, working on a United States Educational Exchange Grant for research in Greece, microfilmed 209 Greek and Georgian Biblical manuscripts in full and selected portions of 44 others containing apocrypha and writings of several of the early Fathers. The microfilms prepared by Dr. Saunders are in the Library of Congress and are available at the cost of positive prints, which may be ordered from the Photoduplication Service, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C.
     In addition to heralding the availability of the Athos manuscripts to scholars and, in order to avoid costly duplication of effort on the part of other scholars who might, in the future, journey to Athos on photographing expeditions, Appendix II lists the photocopies available from three other known depositories: Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin, Germany; Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; and the Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes, Paris, France. Inquiries concerning manuscripts in these collections should be made directly to the aforementioned institutions.

Athos monastery of Simonopetra

Athos Monastery of Simonopetra
From the Arnold Genthe Collection
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-G4085- 0258

Guide to Manuscripts in the Monasteries of Mt. Athos

Table of Contents

Viewing or Ordering Copies of Manuscripts
Foreward to the 1957 edition
Manuscript Reproductions available at LC
      Monastery of Dionysios
      Monastery of Iviron
      Monastery of The Lavra
      Monastery of Pantokrator            [Pant]
      Monastery of Stravroniketa           [Stavr.]
      Monastery of Vatopedi                 [Vat.]
      Monastery of Iviron
      Anatolia College, Salonika
Other Collections

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