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Guide to Viewing and Ordering Copies of these Manuscripts

The microfilms of these select manuscripts from various monasteries on Mt. Athos, Greece, may be viewed in the Microform Reading Room of the Library of Congress. The microfilm number for this entire collection is 5042. To request a particular item you would use this number along with the abbreviation for the monastery found in both in the Table of Contents and in the heading to each section (e.g., Vat, Pant, Stavr, etc.) along with the item number found to the left of each entry. If there is no abbreviation following the monastery name, use the full monastery name.

Thus, to view the first manuscript reel from the Monastery of Pantokrator, you would write on your request slip:

5042 Pant 28

To view the first Georgian manuscript reel from the Monastery of Iviron, you would write on your request slip:

5042 Iviron 42

To view the Armenian manuscript from Anatolia College, Salonika, which does not have a number, use the title:

5042 Anatolia "Armenian Four Gospels"

You may also request reproductions of these items by sending a request to the Photoduplication Service of the Library of Congress. Here you would use the general designation Mt. Athos in your citation along with the linguistic group and the full name of the institution as they appear in the table of contents. Thus, to request that a copy be made of the same manuscript from the Pantokrator monastery, you would send the following citation:

Mt. Athos. Greek. Pantokrator. 28

The citation for a reproduction of the Iviron manuscript in Georgian noted above would be

Mt. Athos. Georgian. Iviron. 42

To obtain a reproduction of the Armenian manuscript, you should request

Mt. Athos. Armenian. Armenian Four Gospels.

Athos monastery of Simonopetra

Athos Monastery of Simonopetra
From the Arnold Genthe Collection
Prints and Photographs Division
Reproduction Number: LC-G4085- 0258

Guide to Manuscripts in the Monasteries of Mt. Athos

Table of Contents

Viewing or Ordering Copies of Manuscripts
Foreward to the 1957 edition
Manuscript Reproductions available at LC
      Monastery of Dionysios
      Monastery of Iviron
      Monastery of The Lavra
      Monastery of Pantokrator            [Pant]
      Monastery of Stravroniketa           [Stavr.]
      Monastery of Vatopedi                 [Vat.]
      Monastery of Iviron
      Anatolia College, Salonika
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