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Table of contents for Global economic involvement : a synthesis of modern international economics / H. Peter Gray.

               Preface 7

Part One: The Paradigm without Government 9

          1.Intent and Scope 15
            Appendix 1: Model, Analytic Framework or Paradigm:          
	    		A Methodological Distinction	33
	  2.Schumpeter Goods: The Positive Role of Firms 37
            Appendix 2: A Model of Multinational Corporations
                    and International Production. 53
	  3.The Interaction among the Three Genera of Goods 67
	  4.The Dynamic Aspects of the International
            Involvement 85
	  5.Are Services Different from Goods? 101
	  6.Intra-firm Trade. 113
	  7.Global Efficiency and Multidimensional
            Involvement 125

Part Two: The Pervasiveness of Government Policies 137
	8.The Modern Structure of International Economic
          Policies 141
	9.The Competitiveness of S-Goods Industries 155

Part Three: Additional Dimensions of the Paradigm 171

	1O.Nationhood Costs of a Globalized World 175

	11.Identifying Potential Macroeconomic
	   Qualifications 183
	12.The Paradigm in the Light of Major
           Empirical Studies 197
	13.The Paradigm in Summary Form 207

References 213