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Table of contents for Psyche and soma : physicians and metaphysicians on the mind-body problem from Antiquity to Enlightenment / edited by John P. Wright and Paul Potter.


Contributors   xi
Introduction   1

1 Soma and Psyche in Hippocratic Medicine    13
   Beate Gundert

2 The Defining Features of Mind-Body Dualism in the
   Writings of Plato     37
    T. M. Robinson

3 Aristotle's Psycho-physiological Account of the Soul-Body
   Relationship     57
   Philip J. van der Eijk

4 Body, Soul, and Nerves: Epicurus, Herophilus, Erasistratus,
   the Stoics, and Galen 79
   Heinrich von Staden

5 Body and Soul in Saint Paul 117
   Theo K Heckel

6 Internalist Reasoning in Augustine for Mind-Body Dualism 133
   Gareth Matthews

7 Renaissance Theories of Body, Soul, and Mind    147
   Emily Michael

8 Descartes: Heart and Soul   173
   Stephen Voss

9 Bayle and Late Seventeenth-Century Thought      197
   Thomas M. Lennon

10 Stahl, Leibniz, and the Territories of Soul and Body          217
     Franqois Duchesneau

11 Substance versus Function Dualism in Eighteenth-Century
     Medicine  237
     John P. Wright

12 Psyche, Soma, and the Vitalist Philosophy of Medicine    255
     Roselyne Rey

13 Physique and Moral    26'7
     Francois Azouvi
Select Bibliography 281
Index     293