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Table of contents for The economics and politics of sports facilities / edited by Wilbur C. Rich.


Preface                                                       ix
Introduction: Professional Sports, Economic Development,
and Public Policy                                              1

Part I History of Stadium Politics                            11
1 Historical Perspectives on Sports and Public Policy         13
  Steven A. Riess

Part II Sports and Economics                                  53
2 The Economics of Stadiums, Teams, and Cities                57
  Andrew Zimbalist

3 Home Field Advantage? Does the Metropolis or Neighborhood
  Derive Benefit from a Professional Sports Stadium?          71
  Robert A. Baade

Part III Cities and Sports Franchises                         91
4 The Politics of Stadium Development in Phoenix, Arizona     95
  Richard Temple Middleton IV

5 The Politics of Planning and Developing New Sports 
  Facilities: The Case of Zephyrs Park and the New 
  Orleans Arena                                              111
  Robert K. Whelan and Alma H. Young

6 Stadiums as Solution Sets: Baseball, Football, and
  Downtown Development                                       125
  Lynn W. Bachelor

7 Minor League Baseball: Risks and Potential Benefits
  for Communities Large and Small                            141
  Arthur T. Johnson

8 Building Ballparks: The Public-Policy Dimensions of
  Keeping the Game in Town                                   153
  Edward I. Sidlow and Beth M. Henschen

9 Major League Baseball and American Cities:
  A Strategy for Playing the Stadium Game                    175
  Neil J. Sullivan

Part IV Media, Theatrics, and Political Actors               185

10 Exploring Politics on the Sports Page                     189
   Robyne S. Turner and Jose F. Marichal

11 Who Lost the Boston Megaplex and Almost the
   New England Patriots?                                     203
   Wilbur C. Rich

Conclusion: The Future of Sports Stadiums                    223

Index                                                        229

About the Editor and Contributors                            235