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Table of contents for The brave new service strategy : aligning customer relationships, market strategies, and business structures / Barbara A. Gutek and Theresa Welsh.


Preface   ix
     Why This Book? ix
     The Concept: Encounter vs. Relationship x
     Pseudo-Relationships and Enhanced Encounters xii
     The Plan of the Book     xiv
     Business Owners, Operations Managers, Consultants
     Need This Information    xvi

Chapter One
Service Businesses: Successful but Still Merely
Adequate? 1
     Why So Much Dissatisfaction?  1
     Was Service Better in the "Good Old Days"?   11
     Mass Produced Service in the Information Age      16
     Conclusion          22

Chapter Two
Encounters and Relationships: Understanding the
Changing Structure of Service           25
     The Structure of Service Organizations  25
     The Differences          36
     Planning for Peaks and Valleys     50
     Worker Satisfaction      50
     Profits        57
     Conclusion          58
Chapter Three
Customers, Organizations, and Providers: Managing the
Links of the Brave New Service               60
     What Is the Best Way to Structure a Service Business?  60
     Relationships and What They Mean   64
     The Pseudo-Relationship  73
     Businesses That Are Just Encounters, Nothing More 86
     Conclusion     87

Chapter Four
Encounter Businesses: Devising Processes, Designing
Jobs, and Creating Encounters 89
     Why Encounters?     89
     Devising Processes  92
     Designing Jobs 96
     Turning Relationships Into Encounters   103
     What Are the Drawbacks of an Encounter Business?  124
     Conclusion     125

Chapter Five
Machine Providers: Managing the Automated Service
Process   128
     Advantages of Automated Service    128
     Computer as Information Provider   138
     So Why Don't People Use Automated Service?   152
     Conclusion     155

Chapter Six
From Pseudo-Relationships to Enhanced Encounters:
Forging the Customer-Organization Link  159
     What Is an Enhanced Encounter?     159
     Successful Enhanced Encounters     166
     Winning Customer Loyalty 180
     Conclusion     185

Chapter Seven
Relationship Businesses: Using the Original Service
Model     188
     What Are Relationship Businesses?  188
     Starting a Relationship Business   209
     Conclusion     214

Chapter Eight
Using Technology: Building Profits and Pleasing
Customers 217
     Using Technology to Create Efficient Service      217
     A Short History of Machine Service      231
     How Relationship Providers Use Technology         236
     Conclusion     243

Chapter Nine
Service Within, Outside, and Between Organizations:
Creating Ties That Bind       246
     Service Within Business Organizations        246
     Service Between Companies          259
     Conclusion     270

Chapter Ten
Brave New Service Strategy: Creating Satisfied
Customers, Successful Organizations, and Effective
Providers 272
     Revisiting Dissatisfaction         272
     Service in the Twenty-First Century          275
     The Future for Customers      281
     The Future for Service Organizations         288
     Service Success          293
     Conclusion     296

Index     299

About the Authors   315