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Table of contents for Censoring history : citizenship and memory in Japan, Germany, and the United States / Laura Hein and Mark Selden, editors.


               Part I: Introduction

1. The Lessons of War, Global Power, and Social Change
    Laura Hein and Mark Selden

          Part II: Textbooks and Historical Memory

2. The Japanese Movement to "Correct" History
    Gavan McCormack      53

3. Consuming Asia, Consuming Japan: The New Neonationalistic
    Revisionism in Japan
    Aaron Gerow          74

4. Japanese Education, Nationalism, and Ienaga Saburo's
    Textbook Lawsuits
    Nozaki Yoshiko and Inokuchi Hiromitsu         96

5. Identity and Transnationalization in German School Textbooks
    Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal         127

6. The Vietnam War in High School American History
    James W. Loewen 150

7. War Crimes and the Vietnamese People: American Representations
    and Silences
    David Hunt   173

          Part III: Politics of the Classroom

8. The Continuing Legacy of Japanese Colonialism: The Japan-South
    Korea Joint Study Group on History Textbooks
    Kimijima Kazuhiko    203
9. The Power of Selective Tradition: Buchenwald Concentration Camp
    and Holocaust Education for Youth in the New Germany
    Gregory Wegner  226

10. Teaching Democracy, Teaching War: American and
     Japanese Educators Teach the Pacific War
     Kathleen Woods Masalski  258

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