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Table of contents for Eating out : social differentiation, consumption, and pleasure / Alan Warde and Lydia Martens.


List of illustrations    page vii
List of tables viii
Acknowledgements    x

1    Studying eating out 1
          Methods of investigation      6
          Theories and themes      9
          The organisation of the book       16

          Part I    Modes of provision

2    The development of the habit of eating out in the UK   21
          The commercial mode      23
          Institutional catering        35
          The communal mode        38
          Provision: a summary          40

3    The meanings of eating out         42
          Shared understandings of eating out               43
          Reasons to eat out: pleasure, leisure and necessity         47
          Attitudes towards eating out       52
          Eating out and other leisure activities      55
          Entertaining   56
          Shared understanding and cultural templates       61

          Part II   Access

4    Patterns of eating out   69
          The forming of a habit?       71
          Commercial venues: who visits where?         74
          On being a guest         86
          Metropolitan and provincial patterns         88
          The concentration of inequality         89

5    Domestic organisation, family meals and eating out     92
          The organisation of domestic food work       94
          Commercial alternatives: substitution, time and money  99
          Shared understandings of the meal and the regulation of eating out    102
          About family meals and moral panics     105
          Domestic organisation, families and commodification    108

Part III  Delivery

6    Personal service in public and private settings   117
          Service and formality in the restaurant 121
          Comparing commercial service and private hospitality   128
          Power and informality    131
7    Last suppers   135
          Mapping food tastes 147
          Diversity, convergence or anomie?  159

Part IV  Enjoyment: the attractions of eating out

8    Eating out as a source of gratification 169
          Are customers really satisfied?: a methodological interlude 175
          Gratification and the definition of dining out    184
          Towards a systematic vocabulary of gratification: a theoretical interlude  184
          Elements of enjoyment    189

9    The enjoyment of meal events  191
          Sensuality: pleasure and joy  191
          Instrumentalism: satisfaction and achievement     195
          Contemplation: entertainment and appreciation     199
          Sociality: participation and mutuality  204
          The social importance of mutual gratification     207
          Simple and compound enjoyment 209

Part V  Conclusion

     10   Eating out and theories of consumption  215
          Events    215
          Variety   218
          The social consequences of eating out   224

Methodological appendix: data collection and analysis  228
References     234
Index               2.43