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Table of contents for Studies in early professionalism : Scottish chartered accountants, 1853-1918 / edited by Stephen P. Walker, Thomas A. Lee.

Acknowledgments                     				ix
Introduction: Early Scottish Professionalism in Accountancy	xi
    Thomas A Lee and Stephen P Walker
    Chapter 1: Professional Formation: The Case of Scottish
    Accountants 			                        3

    Keith M Macdonald
    Chapter 2: Professional Formation: The Case of
    Scottish Accountants - Some Corrections and
    Some Further Thoughts      				        23
    Richard J Brislon and Moyra J M Kedslie
    Chapter 3: Professional Formation: A Reply to Briston
    and Kedslie                    				33

    Keith M Macdonald
    Chapter 4: Mutual Self-interest - A Unifying Force:
    The Dominance of Societal Closure Over Social
    Background in the Early Professional Accounting Bodies 	39
    Moyra J M Kedslie

    Chapter 5: Professional Foundations and Theories of
    Professional Behaviour         			        59

    Thomas A Lee
    Chapter 6: The Genesis of Professional Organisation in
    Scotland: A Contextual Analysis   				71

    Stephen P Walker

    Chapter 7: Identifying the Founding Fathers of Public
    Accountancy: The Formation of the Society of
    Accountants in Edinburgh         				113

    Thomas A Lee

    Chapter 8: The Defence of Professional Monopoly: Scottish
    Chartered Accountants and 'Satellites in the Scottish
    Firmament' 1854-1914       				        139

    Stephen P Walker
    Chapter 9: Scottish Chartered Accountants: Internal and
    External Relations 1853-1916   				183

    Ken Shackleton

    Chapter 10: The Influence of the Individual in the
    Professionalization of Accountancy: The Case of Richard
    Brown and The Society of Accountants in Edinburgh
    in 1892-6                            			223
    Thomas A Lee
    Chapter 11: Anatomy of a Scottish CA Practice: Lindsay,
    Jamieson & Elaldane 1818-1918   				245

    Stephen P Walker

    Chapter 12: The Influence of Scottish Accountants in the
    United States: The Early Case of The Society of Accountants
    in Edinburgh                  				277

    Thomas A Lee
    Chapter 13: The Criminal Upperworld and the Emergence
    of a Disciplinary Code in the Early Chartered Accountancy
    Profession           			                301

    Stephen P Walker
    Chapter 14: Gender Segregation in Scottish Chartered
    Accountancy: The Deployment of Male Concerns About the
    Admission of Women, 1900-1925   				333
    Ken Shackleton