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Table of contents for The black book of communism : crimes, terror, repression / St‚ephane Courtois ... [et al.] ; translated by Jonathan Murphy and Mark Kramer ; consulting editor, Mark Kramer.


Foreword: The Uses of Atrocity					 ix
          Martin Malia

Introduction: The Crimes of Communism			 	  1
              Stephane Courtois

PartI  A State against Its People:Violence,Repression,and Terror
       in the Soviet Union					 33
       Nicolas Werth

1      Paradoxes and Misunderstandings Surrounding the
       October Revolution					 39
2      The Iron Fist of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat	 53
3      The Red Terror						 71
4      The Dirty War						 81
5      From Tambov to the Great Famine			       	108
6      From the Truce to the Great Turning Point 	       	132
7      Forced Collectivization and Dekulakization 	       	146
8      The Great Famine 				       	159
9      Socially Foreign Elements and the Cycles of Repression  	169
10     The Great Terror (1936-1938)				184
11     The Empire of the Camps					203
12     The Other Side of Victory				216
13     Apogee and Crisis in the Gulag System 			232
14     The Last Conspiracy					242
15     The Exit from Stalinism					250

       Conclusion						261

Part II Word Revolution,Civil War,and Terror 			269
        Stephane Courtois, Jean-Louis Panne, and Remi Kauffer

16	The Comintern in Action					271
	Stephane Courtois and Jean -Louis Panne

17	The Shadow of the NKVD in Spain				333
	Stephane Courtois and Jean-Louis Panne

18	Communism and Terrorism					353
	Remi Kauffer

Part III The Other Europe: Victim of Communism			361
         Andrzej Paczkowski and Karel Bartosek

19	 Poland, the "Enemy Nation"				363
         Andrzej Paczkomski

20	 Central and Southeastern Europe			394
	 Karel Bartosek

Part IV Communism in Asia: Between Reeducation and Massacre 	457
        Jean-Louis Margolin and Pierre Rigoulot

        Introduction						459

21	China: A Long March into Night				463
	Jean-Louis Margolin

22	Crimes,Terror, and Secrecy in North Korea 		547
	Pierre Rigoulot

23      Vietnam and Laos: The Impasse of War Communism 		565
	Jean-Louis Margolin

24      Cambodia: The Country of Disconcerting Crimes 		577
	Jean-Louis Margolin

	Conclusion						636
	Select Bibliography for Asia				642

Part V The Third World 						645
       Pascal Fontaine, Yves Santamaria, and Sylvain Boulouque

25     Communism in Latin America 				647
       Pascal Fontaine

26     Afrocommunism: Ethiopia,Angola,and Mozambique 		683
       Yves Santamaria

27     Communism in Afghanistan					705
       Sylvain Boulouque

Conclusion: Why?						727
	Stephane Courtois

Notes								759
Index								823
About the Authors						857