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Table of contents for A woman who-- : essays, interviews, scripts / Yvonne Rainer.


 ix  Acknowledgments

     I Introductory Essays

  3  Peggy Phelan, Yvonne Rainer: From Dance to Film
 18  Judith Mayne, Theory Speak(s)

     II First Person Political

 27  The Mind is a Muscle
 47  Profile: Interview by Lyn Blumenthal
 85  Looking Myself in the Mouth
 98  Letter to Arlene Croce
102  Revisiting the Question of Transgression
107  Letters to Judith Mayne
110  Working Round the L-Word
120  Skirting
126  The Avant-garde Humpty Dumpty
130  Commencement Address

     III Film and Narrative

137  A Likely Story
141  Interview by the Camera Obscura Collective
165  Beginning With Some Advertisements For Criticisms Of
     Myself, Or Drawing The Dog You May Want To Use To
     Bite Me With, And Then Going On To Other Matters.
169  Noel Carroll, Interview with a Woman Who...
207  More Kicking and Screaming from the Narrative
214  Some Ruminations Around Cinematic Antidotes to the 
     Oedipal Net(tles) While Playing With de Lauraedipus 
     Mulvey, or, He May Be Off-Screen, but...
224  Thoughts on Women's Cinema: Eating Words, Voicing 
230  Declaring Stakes: Interview by Kurt Easterwood, Laura 
     Poitras, and Susanne Fairfax
244  Interview by Scott MacDonald
257  Rainer Talking Pictures: Interview by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve
276  Odds and Ends

     IV The Horse's Mouth

285  Privilege
352  MURDER and murder
425  Filmography
427  Selected Bibliography