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Table of contents for Information and organization : a tribute to the work of Don Lamberton / edited by Stuart Macdonald and John Nightingale.

Part One: Perspectives on D. M. Lamberton.		1

1.	Stuart Macdonald and John Nightingale: A Questioning Career		3

2.	D. M. Lamberton: Select Bibliography		17

3.	D. M. Lamberton: Dugald Stewart's Work on Technological Progress; with a
          Foreword by John Corina                                                                 29

4.	Ann Moyal: Interconnections: an Historian's Personal Perspective on the Work of
	Don Lamberton	49

5.	Gilles Paquet: Lamberton's Road to Cognitive Economics	63

Part Two: Information, Economy and Society	81

6.	Gerhard Rosegger: Data, Information, and Inadvertent Disinformation		83

7.	James MacAulay: Knowledge Spaces                                                        93

8.	Sandra Braman: The Information Economy: An Evolution of Approaches         109

9.	Jane Marceau: Power, Politics and Public Administration                              127

10.	Peter Drahos: Designing Institutions in the Information Society                      143

Part Three: Knowledge and Innovation				155

11. 	Thomas Mandeville: Codified Knowledge and Innovation: a Model	157

12.  	J. S. Gans: A Strategic Theory of In-House Research and Development	167

13.  	G.M. Peter Swann: The Internet and the Distribution of Economic Activity	183

14.	Hajimi Oniki: On the Informational Structure and Functioning of Japanese
          Organizations - A Comparison with Western Organizations.                             197

15.	R. Widdows and K. L. Widdows: Sisyphus at his exercise: The Internet and
	Consumer-Business Relations in the US						215

Part Four: Organizations and Markets	229

16. 	Bill Martin: The Organizational Impact of Knowledge		231

17. 	Peter Earl: Marketing as Information Economics	243

18.	Cristiano Antonelli: New Information Technology and the Evolution of the
        Industrial Organization of the Production of Knowledge                                   263

19. 	Gunnar Eliasson: Communication, Information Technology and Firm Performance              285

20.	D.P. Doessel: Price Behaviour within Segments of the Medical Profession in
	Australia	305

Part Five: Telecommunications Policy and Economic Development	325

21.	R.A. Joseph: Telecommunications Policy and the Rhetoric of  Economics	327

22.	Deanna Campbell Robinson: Universal Service: Problems of Contemporary
        Interpretation                                                                           339

23.	David Bowles and Rodney Maddock: Competition in Long Distance: Unleashed in
        Chile, Unwrapped in Australia                                                            361

24.	Michel Menou: Electronic Communications in African Development: Tracking
        their Impact                                                                             371

25. 	Gary Madden: Asia-Pacific Information Flows and Trade                                    393

26.	Meheroo Jussawalla: The Information Infrastructure and Economic Development:
        How Far Have We Come?                                                                    407

        Part Six: Internationalization and Information                                               427

27. 	Lawrence S. Welch: Information and Knowledge in the Study of Internationalization	429

28.	Peter W. Liesch: Questions of Exchange, Information and Internalization in
   	Domestic and International Markets                                                       445

29.	Hans-Jurgen Engelbrecht: International Knowledge Spillovers, Absorptive
	Capacity and Productivity in OECD Countries	461

30. 	Neil Dias Karunaratne: Globalization and Macroeconomic Volatility	487

Author Index	511
Subject Index	519