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Table of contents for What smart people do when dumb things happen at work : hundreds of tips for dealing with all the blunders, glitches, traps, and setbacks that sabotage your road to success / by Charles E. Watson.

Introduction	9

Chapter 1: The Broken Compass					23
Reaching your destination by sticking to the best course

Chapter 2: The Unbalanced Scale					39
Weighing options accurately to find the best decision

Chapter 3: The Applause Meter					53
Pursuing high purposes rather than seeking popularity

Chapter 4: The Fool's Gold					69
Earning yourself a 24-karat reputation

Chapter 5: The Shrinking Violet					91
Finding the courage to do the right thing

Chapter 6: The Strangling Vine                          	109
Nipping difficulties in the bud

Chapter 7: The Stalled Engine                               	131
Jump-starting performance by acting boldly

Chapter 8: The Cheap Suit                                   	147
Stressing the best rather than the good

Chapter 9: The Fat Cat						165
Getting better results by giving away more of yourself

Chapter 1O: Leaky Boat						179
Plugging holes that destroy trust

Chapter 11: The Derailed Train					199
Connecting with people to produce results

Chapter 12: The Proud Peacock					215
Trimming the feathers of out-of-control egos

Chapter 13: The Dead Battery					233
Energizing self Improvement by learning from experience

Conclusion							251

Index								253