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Table of contents for Presence of mind : museums and the spirit of learning / edited by Bonnie Pitman.


Introduction by Bonnie Pitman	9

AAM Education Committee Award Recipients	15                                                                            

The AAM Education Committee: Mission and Goals	19


Places for Explorations and Memories
by Bonnie Pitman	21

Thinking about My Museum Journey
by Elaine Heumann Gurian	31

Critical Issues for Museums in Our Expanding Role
by Alberta Sebolt George	37

Staying with the Big Picture
by Danielle Rice	45

Some Thoughts on Improving Education in Museums
by Judith White	53

Critical Issues for Making Art Museums
Effective Educational Institutions
by Patterson B. Williams	61

Revisiting Critical Issues:The View from a Semi-Retiree
by Zora Martin Felton	71

Museum Education in Transition
by Carolyn P. Blackmon	81

Artifacts and Artifictions
by Sally Duensing	89

Conversations with Colleagues
by Tessa Bridal	97

Moving Beyond the Millennial Transition
by Susan Bass Marcus	103

Looking Toward the Future
by Susan Bernstein	111

Choice and Authenticity
by Barbara Moore	121

Is There Method in Our Madness? Improvisation in
the Practice of Museum Education
by Mary Ellen Munley	133

Elegant Programs and Conversations
by Michael Spock	141

Real Pearls at the Postmodern Museum Potluck:
Constructivism and Inclusiveness
by Marlene Chambers	151

Museums and a Learning Community
by Diane Frankel	161

Biographies	169
Index	179