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Table of contents for Advanced ecological theory : principles and applications / edited by Jacqueline McGlade.

      Contributors, vii
      Foreword, ix
      Acknowledgements, xvii
    1 J. M. McGlade:Individual-based models in ecology,1
    2 E.Renshaw:Stochastic effects in population models,23
    3 M. Keeling:Spatial models of interacting populations,64
    4 D.A.Rand: Correlation equations and pair approximations for spatial
    5 R. Law: Theoretical aspects of community assembly,143
    6 S. L. Pimm: The dynamics of the flows of matter and energy, 172
    7 W.M.Getz: Population and evolutionary dynamics of consumer-
      resource systems,194
    8 P. H. Harvey and A. Purvis: Understanding the ecological and
      evolutionary reasons for life history variation: mammals as a case
    9 M. L. Rosenzweig:Species diversity,249
   10 E. J.Milner-Gulland:Ecological economics,282
   11 J. M. McGlade:Ecosystem analysis and the governance of natural
      Index, 343