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Table of contents for The dappled world : a study of the boundaries of science / Nancy Cartwright.

Acknowledgements 								page ix
Introduction						                  1

Part I Where do laws of nature come from? 			     21
1 Fundamentalism versus the patchwork of laws 			     23
2 Fables and models 						           35
3 Nomological machines and the laws they produce 		     69

Part II Laws and their limits 					     75
The laws we test in physics
4 Aristotelian natures and the modern experimental
  method 									     77

Causal laws
5 Causal diversity; causal stability 				    104

Current economic theory
6 Ceteris paribus laws and socio-economic machines 		    137

Probabilistic laws
7 Probability machines: chance set-ups and economic
  models 									    152

Part III The boundaries of quantum and classical physics
and the territories they share 					    177

8 How bridge principles set the domain of quantum
  theory 									    179

9 How quantum and classical theories relate 			    211

Bibliography 								    234

Index 									    242