Another look at evaluating training programs : fifty articles from Training & development and Technical training : magazines cover the essentials of evaluation and return-on-investment / compiled by Donald L. Kirkpatrick.

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	Preface	ix

	Part 1. Kirkpatrick Articles
	Great Ideas Revisited	3
	Donald L. Kirkpatrick
	Evaluating Training Programs: Evidence vs. Proof	9
	Donald L. Kirkpatrick

	Part 2. Philosophy and Concepts

	Making a Play for Training Evaluation	15
	Theodore J. Krein and Katharine C. Weldon

	Training 101: Navigating the Evaluation Rapids	21
	Mary Lynn Pulley

	The Basics: Evaluation	26
	Angus Reynolds

	Measurement Made Simple	n
	Leigh Ann Williams

	You Ask/Trainers Answer	31

	Testing Employee Performance- A Review of Key Milestones	33
	Rob Schriver

	Evaluating Training Results	36
	Paul R. Erickson

	Input, Process, Output: a Model for Evaluating Training	39
	David S. Bushnell

	HRD's Failure To Sell Itself	42
	Richard P Lookatch

	Five Uneasy Pieces in the Training Evaluation Puzzle	46
	Glenn M. McEvoy and Paul F Buller

	Evaluation That Goes the Distance	50
	Paul R. Bernthal

	Involving Managers in Training Evaluation	55
	Linn Coffman

	Ten Evaluation Instruments for Technical Training	58
	Anne F Marrelli

	Training Investments: The Global Perspective	66
	Edward E. Gordon

	The Team Approach to Formative Evaluation	70
	James Heideman

	How To Ensure Transfer of Training	74
	Paul L. Garavaglia

	An Integrated Evaluation Model for HRD	78
	Robert O. Brinkerhoff

	Evaluation Techniques that Work	81
	Herman Bimbrauer

	Your New Role in the Organizational Drama:
	Measuring Effectiveness	84
	Neal E. Chalofsky and Carlene Reinhart

	Management Training Evaluation: An Update	91
	William H. Clegg

	Measuring Training Results: Key to Managerial Commitment	97
	James D. Bell and Deborah L. Kerr

        Part 3. Reaction

        Keeping Your Pilots on Course       103
       Jan Chemick

	Part 4. Learning

	Evaluating Test Questions: More Than Meets the Eye	111
	David Blair and Steve Giles

	Analyzing Knowledge-Based Tests	113
	Richard L. Sullivan, Jerry L. Wircenski, and Mary Jo Major

	Does the Trainee Know Best?	119
	Jerry L. Harbour

	IBM Takes the Guessing Out of Testing	123
	George M. Ailiger and Harold M. Horowitz

	Using Evaluation to Improve Performance	127
	Vivian Marshall and Rob Schriver

	Using Competency Exams for Evaluating Training	131
	Jack E. Smith and Sharon Merchant

       	Part 5. Behavior

      	Training 101: Another Look at Employee Surveys   139
	H. John Johnson

        Collecting Data the E-Mail Way       142
        Lorraine Parker

        Getting Them Out and Getting Them Back    145
        Kenneth M. Nowack

        Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employee Surveys. . 149
        Karen B. Paul and David W Bracken

	Measuring Skills and Behavior	154
	Kate Ludeman

	Putting Values Into Evaluation	159
	Roger Poulet and Gerry Moult

	How Effective Is Outdoor Training?	164
	Richard J. Wagner and Christopher C. Roland

	Part 6. Results

	Who's Afraid of Level 4 Evaluation? A Practical Approach	171
	Sandra Shelton and George Alliger

	The Bottom Line	175
	Basil Paquet, Elizabeth Kasl, Laurence Weinstein, and William Waite

	Zooming in on Training Goals	182
	James Heideman and Bruce Sanderson

	Cost-Benef it Analysis Techniques for Training Investments	185
	Wemer J. Schmidt

	Part 7. Return-on-investment

	Is There an ROI in ROI?	191
	Tom Barron

	Costing Out the Value of Training	195
	Paul E. Brauchle

	Measuring Training's ROI	200
	Scott B. Parry

	Demonstrating ROI of Training	205
	Eric A. Davidove and Peggy A. Schroeder

	Selling Technical Training to Top Management	207
	Mary Coeli Meyer

	ROI: The Search for Best Practices	210
	Jack J. Phillips

	Was it the Training?	216
	Jack J. Phillips

	How Much Is the Training Worth?	220
	Jack J. Phillips

	Return on Investment: Accounting for Training	224
	Anthony P Carnevale and Eric R. Schulz

	About the Author	257