Deflation : why it's coming, whether it's good or bad, and how it will affect your investments, business, and personal affairs / A. Gary Shilling.

Shilling, A. Gary

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Introduction: Why I'm Writing This Book	I

1.The End of the Cold War Led to Global Cuts
     in Defense Spending
2. Major Country Government Spending and Deficits Are Shrinking17
3. Central Banks Continue to Fight the Last War-Inflation               29
4. G-7 Retirements Will Lead to Reduced Benefits and
     Slower Growth in Incomes and Spending                           36
5. Restructuring Continues in English-Speaking Lands and
	Will Spread	45
6. Technology Cuts Costs and Promotes Productivity	62
7. Information via the Internet Increases Competition	72
8. Mass Distribution to Consumers Reduces Costs and Prices	79
9. Ongoing Deregulation Cuts Prices	83
10.	Global Sourcing of Goods and Services Curtails Costs	92
11. The Spreading of Market Economies Increases Global Supply          98
12. The Dollar Will Continue to Strengthen                             103
13. Asian Financial and Economic Problems Will Intensify
	Global Glut and Reduce Worldwide Prices	121
14. China May Well Devalue	152
15. Japan Is Still Part of the Asian Problem, Not the Solution	160
16. The Asian Flu Spreads	175
17. US Consumers Will Switch from Borrowing and Spending
     to Saving                                                     194
18. A Bear Market in US Stocks Will Trigger A Consumer Saving
	Spree and Ensure Global Deflation	216
19.	Deflation Is Self-Feeding	237
20.	Deflation Is Normal at This Stage of the Kondratieff Wave	247
21.	Deflation Can Be Good As Well As Bad	255
22. Financial Collapses Are Unlikely in the US and
     Other Western Countries                                       274
23. The Industrial Revolution Has Been Exported                      283
24. Productivity Growth Will Be Robust and Consistent
	with Good Deflation	289
25.	Trade Wars Are a Risk	298
26.	Interest Rates Down, Profits So-So in Deflation	307
27.	Investment Strategy for Deflation-13 Elements	318
28.	Business Strategy for Deflation- 18 Elements	358
29.	Personal Strategy for Deflation-5 Elements	367