Sustainability and cities : overcoming automobile dependence / Peter Newman, Jeffrey Kenworthy.

Newman, Peter, Dr.

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Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xvii

Chapter 1	The Concept of Sustainability and Its Relationship to Cities
	The Concept of Sustainabitity 		1
     Global Government Responses to Sustainability 	5
     Application of Sustainability Principles to Cities 	6
     City Size and Sustainability 	14
     Indicators of Sustainability in Cities 		18
     Sustainability Plans 	20
     Conclusions 	23

Chapter 2	The Problem of Automobile Dependence at the End of the
	Twentieth Century 27
     What Shapes Cities? 27
     Constraints on Automobile-dependent Cities 40
     New Economic Awareness of the Auto City 52
     The End of Auto Cities? 59
     The Global Auto City Protest Movement 60
     Institutionalized Automobile Dependence 62
     Conclusions 64

Chapter 3    The Pattern of Automobile Dependence and Global Cities 68
	Introduction 68
    Transportation Energy Patterns 69
   	Fuel Types 72
     Technology-Vehicte Efficiency 74
     Price and Income 78
	Infrastructure Priorities 81
    	Urban Form 94
    Transportation and Land Use Trends 104
    	Car Use and Wealth I I I
   	Conclusions 125

Chapter 4   A Vision of Reduced Automobile Dependence 128
	Introduction 128
     Dispelling the Myths About Automobile Dependence          128
     Approaches to Reducing Automobile Dependence 141
     Techniques for Overcoming Automobile Dependence 144
     The Future "Sustainable" City 184
      Case Studies in Overcoming Automobile Dependence 191
      Conclusions 237

Chapter 5   Creening the Automobile-dependent City 240
	Introduction 240
     Sustainability and the Urban Water System 241
     Greening the City with Parks and Agriculture 250
     Is the Green City in Conflict with the Low-energy City? 257
     Urban Ecology Innovation 264
     Conclusions 281

Chapter 6   Promoting Sustainable Urban Change 285
	Urban Change 285
     Modernist Professional Praxis 286
     Postmodernism 288
 	Postmodernism and Cities 288
    The Organic City Movement 289
     Greening the Industrial Revolution City 290
     The Organic City Family Tree 291
     The Sustainable City Movement Today 291
     Professional Praxis at a Time of Paradigm Change 292
     New Principles for Professional Praxis 293
     Conclusions 304

Chapter 7   Ethics, Spirituality, and Community in the Sustainable City 306
    	Introduction 306
     Ethical Foundations for City Sustainability 306
     City Planning and City Prophecy in the Late Twentieth
		Century 315
   	The Role of Community Groups in City Sustainability 320
      Conclusions 330

Chapter 8   Summary and Conclusions 333

Appendix 1: 	Data and Methodology for the Thirty-seven-city Study for the
                    World Bank 343

Appendix 2: 	Growth Management Approaches and Guidelines 360

Appendix 3: 	A Checklist for City Sustainablity Using Economic Efficiency,
          	Social Equity, Environmental Responsibility, and Human
          	Livability Criteria 367

Appendix 4:	AnEconomicImpactStatementforUrbanDevelopment 374

Appendix 5:	Guidelines for New Urbanism Developments (The Ahwahnee
          		Principles) 385

Appendix 6:	A Guide to the Provision of Better Transit and Land Use
          		Integration in Auto Cities 388

References	399

Index 423