The leader's change handbook : an essential guide to setting direction and taking action / Jay A. Conger, Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Edward E. Lawler III, editors.

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	Foreword														xi
	Warren Bennis
	Preface														xv
	The Authors													xxi
	Introduction:	The Challenges of Effective Change

Part One: Change Leadership in Action
1	A Success Story: The Case of Lucent Technologies          3
     David A. Nadler
2	Creating the Individualized Corporation: The Path
     to Self-Renewal at General Electric                    			26
     Christopher A. Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal

Part Two: Setting Directions: Principles to Guide
Change Leaders                                                 			53
3	Mobilizing Adaptive Work: Beyond Visionary
     Leadership                                              				55
     Ronald A. Heifetz, Donald L. Laurie
4	Leading Change: The Eight Steps to Transformation        	87
     John P. Kotter
5	Breaking Away: Executive Leadership of Corporate
     Spinoffs                                              					100
     Donald C. Hambrick, Kristin Stucker

Part Three: Taking Action: New Strategies for
Transformation                                                  			125
6	Leading Legand  and  Learning to Lead: An Action
     Learning Approach to Developing Qrganizational
     Fitness                                              					127
     Michael Beer
7	Advanced Change Theory: Culture Change at
     Whirlpool Corporation                                  				162
      Robert E. Quinn, Nancy T. Snyder
8	Adding from a Different Place: Applying
     Complexity Theory to Tap Potential                      		195
     Richard T. Pascale
9	Leading Corporate Transformation:
     Are You Up to the Task?                                			221
     Robert H. Miles

Part Four: Beyond Leadership: Other Essential
Elements of Successful Change                                  		269
10	Top Management Viewed from Below-. A Learning
	Perspective on Transformation								271
	Susan Albers Mohrman
11	The Role and Limits of Change Leadership					301
	Thomas G. Cummings
12	Leadership and Collaboration								321
	Raymond E. Miles, Grant Miles
13	Take-Away Lessons: What We Know and Where We
     Need to Go                        					                    344
    Jay A. Conger, Gretchen M. Spreitzer,
    Edward E. Lawler III

    Index                                                 				 	367