Beating the Dow with bonds : a high-return, low-risk strategy for outperforming the pros even when stocks go south / Michael B. O'Higgins, with John McCarty.

O'Higgins, Michael, 1947-

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	Acknowkdgments		ix

	Introduction		xi

P A R T 1
Introducing T-Bonds, T-Bills, and Stocks

ONE 	A Strategy for All Seasons	3
Two 	Gentlemen Prefer Bonds	13
THREE Treasury Bills Can Be More Fun	29
FOUR 	Stocks Have Their Place, Too	39

P A R T 2
Risk and Reward Don't Always Go Together

FIVE	 Stocks Are Risky                                   63
SIX 	Bonds Can Be Risky, Too                           87
SEVEN	Treasury Bills: The Ultimate Safe Haven?	115
EIGHT  You Should Get Paid for Taking Risk	125

P A R T  3
Knowing Where to Invest

NINE	Basic Risk-Based Asset Allocation	139
TEN	Tying It All Together for Maximum Returns	155
ELEVEN	Getting Back into Stocks	171

		Conclusion	243

		Bibliography	245

		Index	249

		About the Authors	265