Interpreting NAFTA : the science and art of political analysis / Frederick W. Mayer.

Mayer, Frederick.

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1. 	Introduction         									1

2. 	A Framework for Political Analysis    				12

	Section 1: Deciding to Negotiate

3.	Why a North American Free Trade Agreement?	31
		Interpreting the Decision to Negotiate:
		The Uses and Limits of International Theory	51

4. 	Domestic Politics Matters: The Fast Track Fight	67
		Interpreting the Domestic Politics of Decision:
          The Role of Institutions and Interests         	94

            Section II: International Negotiation

5. 	Two-Level Bargaining: The NAFTA Negotiation 	109
     	Interpreting International Negotiations:
          Domestic Politics and International Bargaining   146

6.	Making Side Issues Central: The Labor and
     	Environment Negotiations            				165
     	Interpreting the Side Negotiations: Issue Linkage, Deep
     	Nesting, and the Political Context          		205

	Section III: The Politics of Ratification

7. 	Symbolic Politics: Growing Grassroots Opposition	219
		Interpreting Grassroots Opposition:
		The Markets for Meaning         					257

8. 	Diagnosis and Strategy: The Campaign for NAFTA	273
		Interpreting the Victory:
		Political Diagnosis and Political Strategy		320

9. Conclusions         										335

	Notes													345
	Bibliography											361
	Index													367