Malcolm and the Cross : The Black Muslims and the White Man's Religion / Louis A. DeCaro, Jr.

DeCaro, Louis A., 1957-

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Introduction: The Black Muslims and Christianity
I. Fires Which Burnt Brightly: The Nation of Islam in a Christian
     1. A Rumor From the East: The Fard Muhammad Movement and the
     Problem of the Bible
     2. Reincarnating the Savior: Elijah Muhammad and the Deification
     of W. D. Fard
     3. The Advent of Elijah: The Birth of the Temple People Movement
     4. Among the Living and the Dead: The Gospel According to Elijah
II. X and the Cross: Malcolm, the Nation of Islam, and
     5. Faith of Our Fathers--And Our Mothers: The Little Family,
     Marcus Garvey, and Christianity
     6. "If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again?": Malcolm X as a
     Fundamentalist Zealot
     7. Jesus ReduX: Malcolm and the Religious Jingoism of the Nation
     of Islam
     8. This Bitter Earth: Black Muslims in a Christian World
     9. "We're Living at the End of the World": The Second Coming of
     Earl Little
     10. A Double Portion of Fire: Malcolm X in the Wilderness of
     North America
     11. Malcolm, Martin, and Billy
     12. "Haunted by the Souls of Black Millions": Christianity,
     Islam, and Malcolm X
     Epilogue: Requiem For A "Remarkable Man"
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