Social funds and reaching the poor : experiences and future directions : proceedings from an international workshop organized by the World Bank ... [et al.] / edited by Anthony G. Bigio.

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Foreword	v
Acknowledgments	vii

Part I Overvieu;	1

	1. Main Outcomes and Recommendations	3
	2. Partnerships and Participation in the Workshop	13
	Anthony G. Bigio

Part II Updating the Conventional Wisdom	17

	3. The World Bank's View on Social Funds	19
	Sven Sandstrdni, Vinod Thomas, Ishrat Husain, Joseph Stiglitz
	4. The Partners' View of Social Funds	27
	Eduardo Diaz Uribe, Magatte Wade, Manuel Chiriboga
	5. The World Bank Portfolio Review of Social Funds Projects	35
	Prem Garg, Soniya Carvalho, Christine Kessides
	6. The Inter-American Development Bank's Study of Social Funds	43
	Margaret Goodnwn, Samuel Morley

Part III A Close Look at the Key Issues	51

Parallel Thematic Sessions

7. Social Funds: From Responses to Emergency to Development	53

8. Financial Resource Mobilization for Social Funds	59
9. Role of NGOs in the Design, Management, and Implementation of Social Funds	65
10. Decentralization, Local Governments, and Social Funds	71
11. Social Funds, Private Sector Development, and Microenterprises	77
12. Designing Social Fund Components-Sectors, Themes, and Access	83
13. Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Funds	89
14. Sustainability of Subprojects, Maintenance, and Operations	95
15. Environmental Assessment of Social Funds Subprojects	101
16. Social Funds Systems, Outreach, and Communication Systems	107

17. Social Funds' Directors	113
18. Municipalities	115
19. NGO Representatives	117
20. Development Agencies	119

Regional Consultations
21. Africa	121
22. Eastern Europe and Central Asia	125 
23. Latin America and the Caribbean	129
24. Middle East and North Africa	133
25. Development, Equity, and Social Justice	135
	Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, Senegal
26. Workshop Concluding Remarks	139
	Steen Jorgensen and Ishrat Husain

Part IV Original Workshop Papers	147

27. The Social Investment Fund in the Context of National Development	149
	Marco Camacho, Director, Social Investment Fund, Bolivia
28. Financial Resources Mobilization for Social Funds	159
	Hussein M. El Gammal, Managing Director, Social Fund for Development, Egypt
29. Social Funds: An Expanded NGO Critique	167
	Jane Covey, Executive Director, and Tim Abbott, Research Assistant, Institute for
	Development Research, United States

30.Social Investment Funds, Local Governments, and Communities in

	Central America	179
	Patricia de Jager, Director, Federation of Municipalities of
	Central America, Guatemala
31. Social Funds and Development of the Private Sector: The Case of Mali	185
	Lamine Ben Barka, Director, AGETIPE, Mali
32. Designing Social Fund Components: Sectors, Themes, and Access	191
	Scarlette Gillings, Director, Social Fund, Jamaica

33. Zambia Recovery Project-Evaluations and Perspective of the
               Central Government-anent 199
                    Irene M. Kamanga, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and
                    Economic Development, Zambia
34. Sustainability of Subprojects, Their Operation and Maintenance 205
                    Werner Neuhauss, Sector Economist, Social Policy Department, KfW, Germany
35.Appraisal and Environment Assessment of Social Fund

	Subprojects: The Case of Ethiopia	211
	Abebaw Alemayehu, Deputy Director, Social Fund, Ethiopia
36. Information Systems, Outreach, and Communication of Social Funds	219
	Sam Kahkobwe, Director, Social Action Fund, Malawi

Annexes	227

Annex 1: Workshop Program	??9
Annex 2: List of Participants	235
Annex 3: International Workshop Credits	247