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Table of contents for Rewiring the corporate brain : using the new science to rethink how we structure and lead organizations / Danah Zohar.

Foreword by Lord Andrew Stone, Marks & Spencer	ix

Preface		xv

Introduction: The Transformation Lie	1

Part I: Using the New Science to Rewire Corporate Thinking

	One     Three Levels of Real Transformation             10

	Two     Three Kinds of Thinking:
		How the Brain Rewires Itself	26

	Three   Eight Principles of the Old and
          	New Science Applied to Leadership   41

        Four    At the Edge         74

Part II: Structure and Leadership of the Rewired Corporation

Five	The Western Model:
	The Newtonian Self and the Newtonian
	Organization	100

Six	The Eastern Model:
	The Networked Self and the Networked
	Organization	108

Seven	The Quantum Model:
	Bridging East and West	118

Eight	Dialogue:
	A Chance to Grow New Neural Connections	135

Nine	Servant Leaders:
	What Do They Really Serve?	145

Afterword by Peter Isaac, Peter Chadwick Ltd	155

Bibliography	157
Index	159
About the Author	161