The complete idiot's guide to making money on Wall Street / by Christy Heady.

Heady, Christy.

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	Part 1:	Show Me the Road to Wall Street	1

	1	You Can Get There from Here	3
		Getting started on planning your investment goals.

	2	Everyday Economics	15
		A quick course in econ and how it affects your investments.

	3	Your Personal Financial Battle Plan	29
		Putting together a financial plan of attack.

	4	How Risk Plays a Part on Wall Street	47
		Estimating the level of risk you can afford in your invest-

	5	And Now for the Legwork	57
		How to research potential investments and the companies
		that offer them.

	6	Kick the Spending Habit!	75
		How to control your spending so you have money to invest.

	7	How to Divide Up Your Investment Pie	81
		T'he importance of spreading your money among several types
		of investments.

	Part 2:	Megabanks: One-Stop Shopping	89

	8	Banking Today-and Tomorrow	91
		How banks fit into today's investment world.

	9	Should You Consider a Savings Account?	99
		What a savings account can do for you.

	10	Checking Out Checking Accounts	105
        	How to choose a checking account.

	11	Investing in Certificates of Deposit	111
		The beauty of certificates of deposit

	12	What About Safety?	121
		The importance of insurance.

	Part 3:	Mutual Fund Mania	127

	13	Simple Mutual Fund Strategies	129
		An introduction to the world of mutual funds.

	14	Meeting Your Mutual Fund Objectives	141
		The best ways to choose mutual funds to invest in.

	15	Load Versus No-Load: Which to Choose?	155
		What a no-load mutual fund has to offer.

        16     Investing in a Mutual Fund with $50                           161
                How you don't need a lot of money to invest in a mutual

        17     The Rating Service War                                       167
                Where forget information on mutual funds.

        Part 4:  Stock Market 101                                             175

        18     Getting Your Feet Wet in the Stock Market                    177
                An introduction to the basics of the stock market.
        19     Basic Stock Investing Strategies                             193
                How to choose stocks wisely.
        20     Selling Your Stocks                                          205
                Learning the right time to buy or sell stocks.
        21     Getting into the Game with DRIPs                             213
                Dividend reinvestment plans and what they can do for you.
        22     Understanding the Risks Involved with Trading Stocks         219
                Don't let the financial actions of others influence your
                investment strategies.
         23    Researching Your Way to Your Investment Goals                225
                Where you can get the scoop on stocks.

         Part 5:   Looking for Income? Consider Bond Investing                  231

         24    Getting a Grip on the Bond Market                            233
                An introduction to the realm of bonds.
         25    Investing in Uncle Sam                                       245
                The benefits of investing in government bonds.
         26    Investing in Other Types of Fixed-Income Products            255
                Government agencies that offer bonds.
         27    Corporate Raiders and Muni-Takers                            267
                What a corporate bond is and what it can do for you.
         28    What's All This junk?                                        277
                Everything you ever wanted to know about junk bonds.

         Part 6:   Taking the Plunge with the Commodities Market                283

         29    Learning the Basics About Investing in Futures               285
               The ins and outs of the futures market.
         30    Hedging Your Bets                                            293
                What options are all about.

        Part 7: Make That Money Grow	301

	31     Your Investment Portfolio from $100 to $10,000	303
	        Several strategies for investing based upon monthly invest-

	32    Tips on Year-Round Tax Planning	309
	        Insightful hints on what to do at tax time.

	        Appendix A: Shareholder Freebies	315
	        Perks you get just for being a shareholder.
	        Appendix B: No-Load Mutual Fund Companies	317
	        A listing of some of the largest no-load mutual fund
	        Appendix C: Federal Reserve Banks	321
	        Contact information for the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and
	        their U.S. branches where you can purchase Treasury securi-
	        ties and savings bonds.
	        Appendix D: Financial Exchanges	325
	        The major exchanges in the U.S.
	        Glossary: Money Talks-Learn the Language	327
	        A dictionary full of the words you need to know.
	        Index	337