Against economics : rethinking political economy / Rajani Kannepalli Kanth.

Rajani Kannepalli Kanth.

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Acknowledgements                                                       vii
Introduction: Against Economics

Part I Economics and Epistemology: Marxism, Realism and Beyond 9

1 Critical Realism: The Nouvelle Critique	11
2 Against Eurocentrism: Prolegomena to liberation	31

Part II 'Development' Studies: Retrospect and Prospect	51

3 'Theory and Policy in 'Development' Studies : An Overview
	of the Mythology of 'Progress'	53

Part III Arguments in Political Economy: Old and New	73

4 Economic Theory and Arms Expenditures: A Resume of Issues	75

5 Sraffa, and All That: A Retrospective on Some Foibles of the
          Cambridge School                                                  103

6 Why England Led the Way: Clues to a Critique of Eurocentrism 110

Part IV Classical Economics: Myth and Reality	121

7 The Ricardian Rigmarole: From Policy to Paradigm	123

8 The Parson and the Plutocrat: Toward Restitution	143

Part V Revolutions in Economic Theory: The Parameters of
Paradigm Shift                                                        161

9 The Eclipse of Ricardian Ideas: A Primer on Paradigm Shift in
Economics                                                        163

Part VI Otiose Controversies in Marxism: Against Orthodoxy         191

10	'The Falling Rate of Profit: Clarifying a Conjecture	193

11	'The 'Asiatic' Mode of Production: Eclipse of a Notion	200

12	The 'Transition' to Socialism: In Dubious Debate	211

13	Beyond Marx: Contra Theses on Feuerbach	226

Part VII New Horizons: Against Patriarchy	229

14 Feminist Horizons: Toward Cultural Revolution	231

Postface: Rethinking Political Economy	239

Bibliography	246