Lotus Notes 4.5 for dummies / by Steve Londergan and Pat Freeland.

Londergan, Stephen.

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 Contents at a Glance


          Part /.- Get Rolling with Votes

          Chapter 1: Just What Is Notes, Anyway?
          Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with Notes

          Part 11:  E-Mail for Everyone

Chapter 3: Gotta Get My E-Mail!
Chapter 4: Making a Message
Chapter 5: Managing Your Mess(ages)
Chapter 6: Making the Most of Your Memos
Chapter 7: Mastering Your Mail

Part 111: The Brave New World of Notes Databases

Chapter 8: Back to Databasics
Chapter 9: Come on In, the Database Is Fine
Chapter 10: What's Up, Doc(uments)?
Chapter 11 : Do-It-Yourself Database Building

Part IV .- Getting the Most out of Notes

Chapter 12: Jazzing Up Your Text
Chapter 13: Doctoring Your Documents
Chapter 14: Notes the Way YOU Want It
Chapter 15: Checking Your Calendar and Sharing Your Schedule

Part V. - Notes in the Fast Lane

 Chapter 16: Notes on the Road
 Chapter 17: Data In / Data Out
 Chapter 18: Full Text Search - Finding Facts in a Flash
 Chapter 19: Going Online with Notes

Part VI.- The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten Cool Tricks to Impress Your Friends
Chapter 21: Ten Things You Should Never Do
Chapter 22: Ten Neat Things You Can Buy for Notes
Chapter 23: The Ten Most Common Notes Problems

          Part VII.- Appendixes

 Appendix A: Setting Up Notes to Work away from the Office
Appendix B: Macintosh Tips
Appendix C: Glossary