Paths of Change : Strategic Choices for Organizations and Society / Will McWhinney

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 Chapter 1. Alternative Realities
 1.1	Four Realities   
 1.2	Dimensions of Reality   
 1.3	Characteristics of the Pure Realities   
 Chapter 2. The Dialectics of Change
 2.1	Paths of Resolution   
 2.2	Conventionalizing and Differentiating   
 2.3	Counterinventions   
 2.4	Counterinventions in the Evolution of an Organization   
 Chapter 3. Modes of Change
 3.1	Modes of Change   
 3.2	Degrees of Participation  
 3.3	Methods in the Influence Mode   
 3.4	Controlling Modes of Change   
 Chapter 4. Paths of Resolution
 4.1	 Transformation  in Various Contexts   
 4.2	Contingencies in Systems Change   
 4.3	The Two Grand Paths   
 4.4	The Path of Revitalization   
 4.5	The Path of Renaissance   
 4.6	Site Selection: Phase I   
 4.7	Clustering Confluence   
 4.8	Site Selection: Phase II   
 4.9	Site Selection: Phase III   
 4.10	Initiation    
 4.11	Rites of Employment   
 4.12	Systems Analysis   
 4.13	Pluralistic Development   
 4.14	Contradictions of the Great Leap Forward   
 4.15	The Dialectic Follows Alternative Paths   
 Chapter 5. Leaders, Followers, and Culture
 5.1	Leadership Styles   
 5.2	Leaders and Followers    
 5.3	Two Forms of Cultures: Storied and Clustered   
 5.4	Hypothetical Locations   
 5.5	Four Culturing Processes   
 5.6	A Multiculturing Organization   
 Chapter 6. Courage for the Journey
 6.1	Evolution of One's Meta-Praxis