Haiti Renewed : Political and Economic Prospects / Robert I. Rotberg, editor

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Preface: Haiti's Last Best Chance	

		Robert I. Rotberg

1.	Introduction: Dismantling the Predatory State---The Conference Report

		Jennifer L. McCoy

2.	Resisting Freedom: Cultural Factors in Democracy; The Case for Haiti

		Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
3.	A Social Contract for Whom? Haitian History and Haiti's Future

		Michel-Rolph Trouillot

4.	The Haitian Dilemma Reexamined: Lessons from the Past in the Light of Some New Economic Theory

Mats Lundahl
5.	Political Culture, Political Change, and the Etiology of Violence

Donald E. Schulz

6.	A Popular Democratic Revolution in a Predemocratic Society: The Case of Haiti

Robert Pastor
7.	The Rise, Fall, and "Resurrection" of Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Robert Fatton Jr.

8.	From Outsiders to Insiders: Grassroots Leadership and Political Change

Robert E. Maguire
9.	The Role of the Diaspora in Haitian Politics

		Michel S. Laguerre

10.	Alternative Models for Haiti's Economic Reconstruction

		Clive Gray

11.	Priorities in the Economic Reconstruction of Rural Haiti

		Anthony V. Catanese

12.	No Longer A Pipe Dream? Justice in Haiti

		William G. O'Neill

13.	Haitian Education under Siege: Democratization, National Development, and Social Reconstruction

		Marc E. Prou
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